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Genres of a High school Football Game


Artifacts chosen

Football game program

In game Advertising


Football Game Program


The genre is used at a football game. The activities that happen in the program are telling information about the players and coaches to those who buy one. People that normally get programs are parents or family member that want either the roster or to just support the team. Yes these people have a shared objective to get a program. The program interacts with the buyer by giving them information on the team and coaches also buy giving them statistics of the players. Coaches use the programs to inform the fans about there background and let them has a roster of the team, It also used as a form of fundraiser. The subject discussed in the program is football. it relates the players and coaches to that game of that week. In changes each week for a knew opponent. The role the program gives the participant is the informant on the football information. The language used in the program is football, with the football based terms and football statistics. Informative, gives the buyers information on players and coaches. The football is what allows there to be a program, it is also dependent on the week it changes every week depending on the opponent. The program doesnt really shape the football game but it does add a form of information and a type of fundraiser. The program allows the user to be informed on the game and it really doesnt have anything it doesnt allow them to do. The needs that are most beneficial of the program is the fans and buyers, its least beneficial to the players. Yes it doesnt limit on how they can represent themselves.



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Used through out the stadium through signs also on objects thrown by cheerleaders and within the program. Its advertisement for a product or service from a company who supports the team. People who support the team. Yes to support the team and get the face of the product to the local public. It tell the fans about their product in return they support the team financially. Company owners use it to promote the service or good. Product or service. It suggests a buy and a seller relationship. It suggests a buyer role. A persuasive language is used to try and pull in the buyers. Supportive The situation of the football games allows company's to advertise the product or service. The advertisers shape the situation by donation money to the program for them to display their advertisement.

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It allows them to be known about the product or service but it doesnt allow then to get it right then and there.
The needs are most served to those who want or need whats being advertised, its less needed by those who dont need it. Yes it has no restraint on the user.




Used at the football game, the score and time is posted as well as where the ball is placed and how many timeouts each team has, fans, yes to cheer on the team and use the scoreboard to know the score. It lets the crowed know what the score is. Everyone in the stadium to know the score and yardage. No they do not, its universal. The score of the game It relates the score and game information to the crowd so they know. This makes the fans have the informant role where the board is informing them on in game information. Uses football terms to tell game information. Informative The situation is why there is a scoreboard. Without the game there is no reason to have the score board. The genre helps the game have more ways to help the fans out.

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It allows them to know the in game stats and score but it doesnt keep them from anything.
The needs are most served to the fans and coaches so they know the score time and down, it least used by the refs because they keep up with that in their book. Yes it no restraints


The two characteristics we chose that applied to our artifacts were social and cultural. The reason these artifacts are social is because all three are used in specific situation in this case the football game. Also these are all used to impact social interaction with the fans, players, and coaches. They also help people understand information in their social experience (the game). The reason we chose Cultural as our second choice is because all of these artifacts add up and impact the football game which in this scene is in fact the culture.