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DescriptionIlva Xhemali 10/01/13 Water color painting English 1 Ms.

Caruso Defense I chose an abstract water color painting as the genre for my literacy memoir. The different pictures show what I have experienced or felt and where I’m at now in life. This affects my wring and communication. The intended audience is anyone who has a slight interest in artwork or in what I’m showing. Anyone can be the audience and anyone is welcome because this genre and literacy memoir is not meant to be restrictive in any shape, way or form. I chose a water color painting as a genre because with watercolors there are no definite edges or sharp starting or ending points. It’s very flowing and free and you can mix colors and be as creative as you want. It’s a visual genre that evokes a thought process and emotion. I consider myself a deep thinker not necessarily in academics but in life in general. Different pictures symbolize different events and highlight influential details of me as a writer and thinker. This genre is a little more complicated to put together and not very clear and simple to comprehend and the message takes further reading in to. I chose several symbols in this piece of artwork to evoke thought and feeling. The style of painting is most closely related to surrealism because the different symbolisms depicted are all metaphors. The cross at the upper left corner is a sign of the faith and spirituality I have that makes me who I am today. The scales symbolize the balance I’ve achieved as a writer and communicator. It also represents how imbalanced I can be at times as one side is darker than the other. The half face shown symbolizes a sound mind which I continue to work on. A sound, clear mind that does not easily give up, or give in. The plant that stretches in the middle of the artwork represents growth, as obvious and cliché it sounds. The bird symbolizes freedom, and travel. I have traveled to a few places but I’d like to see and experience the rest of the world. The hand is a sign of help. When I first started reading and wring I struggled. I also struggled with the language when I started to learn English because I only knew Albanian. But the hand also symbolizes strength. Now that I’m learning and growing, I’m content with how I express myself. There will always be room for improvement. The hourglass figure symbolizes time and with time comes improvement. The circular lines at the bottom symbolize a constant motion and transformation that I am and will always go through, as a writer, communicator and thinker.