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Mini Lesson Planning Tool for Integrating Technology Title of Lesson: Our Class Storybook Curriculum / Content Area:

Writing Grade Level: 3rd grade P,-P./0 / .120CTI30/: The students will add a age to a class story using Promethean (li Charts and 'oogle images when gi#en conte$t !rom the teacher about the rogression o! the story" C,--IC,L,M /TA4"A-"/: CCSS")*+,*iteracy"W"3"3 Write narrati#es to de#elo real or imagined e$ eriences or e#ents using e!!ecti#e techni&ue, descri ti#e details, and clear e#ent se&uences" ACTI3ITI0/: -sing Promethean (li Chart technology, each student in the classroom will come to the Promethean %oard and with teacher assistance ty e a new age to a class story during literacy centers" The student will decide what will ha en in the story by reading the age be!ore, which was also written by a student" They will choose a icture to go along with their age in the story" Once e#ery student has added a age we will read the story together as a class and see what ha ens throughout the book! The students will use the !li chart to ersonali.e the !onts, animation, colors, and images on their age"

Answer the following questions: ! "o I #now how to use the technology tool$s% that will &e used &y my students' Yes! The student will be using Promethean Technology, which I am ro!icient in using" (! )hat technology s#ills do my students already have that are needed for this lesson' The students will need to ha#e e$ erience ty ing on a keyboard and using the Promethean %oard" The students use the board !re&uently in class and I can ro#ide assistance to the students who re&uire it to use the board" *! )hat technology s#ills will they need to learn to com+lete this lesson successfully' The students will need to use 'oogle Images a ro riately, and be able to change !onts and ty e on the keyboard"

5! )hat is the a++ro+riate setting for this lesson $classroom6 la&6 li&rary6 home%' Is this setting availa&le for my students to use' The students will com lete the lesson one,on,one and will #isit me during literacy centers to add their one age to the story" 7! )hat tools and resources will I need' $List of all )e& sites6 s+ecific software and hardware6 and other needs!% Promethean %oard, (li Chart, Internet access /google"com0 8! 9ow much time do I need to allow for this lesson' The lesson can be com leted o#er three days during the 31 minutes literacy center time" )ach student will be at the board !or 3,2 minutes" :! )ho can hel+ me with the +lanning and/or im+lementation of this lesson' 3y coo erating teacher can hel e$ lain the acti#ity to the students and she can also let me know who will need e$tra su ort when using the technology" ;! 9ow will I assess the students< learning' The students will be assessed using a rubric, which will e#aluate their writing mechanics, creati#ity, and use o! technology /images, !onts, colors, etc0"