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Angelica Jarquin Professor Massey ENC 1101 21 October 2013 Annotated Bibliography: Gay Adoption ACLU.

American Civil Liberties Union. Web. 31 October 2013. American Civil Liberties Union is an organization that believes in equality for all, that includes both heterosexual and homosexual couples. The main goal that the ACLU hopes to achieve is to bring awareness which will hopefully allow same sex couples to eventually receive the same equality that heterosexual couples get, since they do not receive the same rights. In some states, there are laws in which it declares that same-sex couples are not allowed to adopt. While one parent can adopt as a single parent, this does not allow the second parent from legally being the parent of that adopted child. This is a problem that is faced by numerous people in the United States. This organization hopes to continue to fight for the equality of same sex couples and their right to adopt a child until they get the equal treatment that they deserve. This is relevant to my issue because it is talking about an organization that is helping the LGBT community by trying to get same sex couples to receive the same treatment as heterosexual couples receives. Certain factors like adoption or marriage are liberties that heterosexual couples can get, but that is not always the case with homosexual couples. They have to fight for their rights, and that should not happen. Any Day Now. Dir. Travis Fine. 2012. Film. Fine directs a film entitled Any Day Now which discusses the legal battle that a gay couple faces when trying to adopt a boy named Marco; he is a teenage boy with Down

Jarquin 2 syndrome. Marco is left abandoned by his drug addicted mother once she gets arrested. Marcos neighbor, Rudy, sees the ordeal happen and takes in Marco as if he were his own son. Rudy, and his partner, Paul, take care of Marco. While trying to legally adopt Marco, the couple faces a struggle to gain legal custody over Marco once their sexual orientation raises concern. Paul was Rudys attorney and they did not share that they were in a relationship, they simply just said that they were cousins. Once the court system discovered that they lied, they start to question whether being with the couple is Marcos best option. Rudy and Paul must fight to gain custody of the boy that have changed their lives. This movie is relevant to my issue because it is a prime example of how gay couples face a struggle in trying to adopt a child. The couple was trying to legally adopt Marco but once the court system discovered that the couple was gay, then they decided to question whether theyd be fit parents to raise a child. This shows the biased legal system in which many gay couples have to deal with. Fitzgibbons, Richard P. Same-Sex Adoption. 68.6 41-52. Web. 21 Oct. 2013. Fitzgibbons article discusses the negative aspects in relation to same sex adoption. The author believes that with a child being raised with same sex parents, they tend to not provide a model environment in which to raise children. His ideology would be that same sex couples tend to be promiscuous (i.e. numerous sexual relationships), the union of the couple tend to be very fragile (i.e. the tendency to break up more easily), and the couple may not be necessarily healthy (i.e. more same sex couples tend to have HIV infections). Therefore, its clearly shown that the author is biased when it comes to talking about same sex parents, because it shows that he believes that they provide a child with a bad environment in which to live in. This article is relevant to my issue because it talks about

Jarquin 3 the opposition of what I am trying to bring awareness to; to have a cohesive argument to something, a person must know the pros and the cons of their situation. Using this article, I am able to show the ideology of someone that opposes same sex marriage adoption. Goldberg, Abbie E. Gay Dads: Transitions to Adoptive Fatherhood. New York, NY: New York University, 2012. Print. Goldbergs book discusses the experience of seventy gay men as they take the transition from seeking adoption and then once they become parents. It discusses how these men were able to transition their social and gender roles to fit their new lives as parents. Most of the gay men adopting had a struggle in trying to adopt their soon-to-be child; they had to deal with the constant battle of trying to show adoption agencies that they were capable of raising a child, regardless of their sexual orientation. The author was able to show how each man had to adjust to their new life as a newly parent, from the modification of daily habits like becoming closer friends with couples who had children, versus couples who did not have children. This book is relevant to my issue because it shows the real life experiences of gay men who made the transition from just taking care of themselves to becoming parents and starting a family of their own. A portion of the book that stood out was when it discussed how many of these men had faced many obstacles in trying to adopt their child. Its important to show that although these men were able to become parents, they still had to go through numerous struggles just because of their sexual orientation.

Jarquin 4 Kordunsky, Anna. "Russia Not Only Country With Anti-Gay Laws." National Geographic 14 August 2013. Web. A new law that was recently passed in Russia has created great controversy towards the LGBT community. This new law states that people will be criminalized if they support and spread the idea of minors having homosexual relations. This has caused an outburst of anger for the gay community because it means that they will be prosecuted for supporting gay rights. The new law has sparked the gay community to want to boycott the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics that is taking place in Russia as a means of penalizing them for the creation of the law. The periodical continues to discuss that Russia is not the only nation that legally discriminates towards the gay community. Countries like Cameroon, Uganda, Jamaica, and many other regions all have laws that state that any person that is involved in homosexual conduct will be convicted and sent to prison. This periodical is relevant to my subject because it shows examples of countries in opposition of the issue I wish to bring awareness to. Countries like Russia disapprove of the idea of same-sex relations, so they completely prohibit it from occurring in their country. To have a cohesive argument, one must include the positive and negative aspects of the subject they are defending, this periodical would be the negative aspect. Lombardo, Lauren. "Does Heather Have Two Mommies? The Importance of Full Faith and Credit Recognition for Adoptions by Same Sex Couples." 39.4 1301-1338. Web. 21 Oct. 2013. This articles focuses on the belief that same sex adoptive couples should be given the same rights as all other adoptive parents. Lombardo believes that it is crucial that federal legislation pass a law that protects the interest of children and the rights of same sex

Jarquin 5 parents in emergency situations. An example of this would be that hospitals dont allow one of the adoptive parents to see their child in the hospital since they are not legally in their birth certificate. The child could be in the hospital and one of the parents will not be able to see their child since they are not considered immediate family. The author believes that all state laws should follow act in providing equal access to the rights given to adoptive parents, so that all valid adoptions are treated equally. This article is relevant to my issue because it is a prime example that shows why same sex marriage adoption should be legal in all states, since there are certain die-hard situations in which one of the parents is not given access to see their child because they are not legally on the childs birth certificate. Patterson, Charlotte J. "Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents: Psychology, Law, and Policy." 64.8 727-736. Web. 21 Oct. 2013. Pattersons article focuses on the two opposing spectrums on the dispute of same sex marriage adoption. This article goes into detail discussing the two different oppositions on the subject; it talks about different states that allow same sex marriage adoption, such as Massachusetts. In contrast, places like Missouri do not allow lesbian and gay parents custody and visitation rights in regards to their children if they are not legally on the childs birth certificate. Therefore that means if the child ever gets into an emergency situation, then the parent that is not on the birth certificate will not be able to see the child immediately, as oppose to the parent that is actually on the birth certificate. The author views that there is no reason to discriminate against couples wanting to seek adoption, regardless of their sexual preference. This article is relevant to my issue because it highlights the two different sides of the dispute between same sex marriage adoptions. On

Jarquin 6 one side, you have a group of people that believe that same sex couples should not be discriminated, while others feel like homosexuality is something that can greatly affect the lives of children if same sex couples begin to adopt. Ritter, Michael J. "Adoption by Same Sex Couples: Public Policy Issues in Texas Law & Practice." 15.2 (2010): 235-254. Web. 21 Oct. 2013. The following articles discusses the laws that pertain to same sex marriage adoption. Ritter discusses that although Texas does not expressly forbid or allow same-sex adoption, the state statutory and administrative law give considerable preference upon judges and officials in the Department of Family and Protection Services (DFPS) (242). This means that although the state does not give its actual disposition on the subject, it shows a preference to judges dealing with child protective services. For example, if a gay couple tries to become the adoptive parents of a child then judges will usually rule in favor of the couple being granted guardianship, instead of denying them the opportunity of adopting the child if they seem to be fit parents. This article also discusses the procedures in Texas for adoption and adoption services trying to find same sex couples that have their best interest in the child at hand. This article is relevant to my issue because it talks about a state that shows what it is doing to help or go against same sex marriage adoption, in this case, Texas seems to show a preference of allowing same sex couples to adopt.