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Annotated Bibliography based on the research topic, Child Abuse American Humane Association.

(2013) Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect. Retrieved October 16, 2013. From American Humane Association main focus was to explain about the advantages and disadvantages when people decide whether to report child abuse or not. To do so American Humane Association mentions who and how to communicate if any victim suffers from child abuse. Also it explains how legal authority interferes, investigate and evaluate reports of child abuse to provide services when needed. This detailed analysis on child abuse may help the reader realize who to resort if any information about a supposedly victim. This would encourage people to report child abuse and the positive consequences will be to reduce this community problem. Boyd, Leslie. (2013) Wage War With Votes to Change Laws on Child Abuse and Incest . Retrieved October 16, 2013. From Boyd presented the roots of PROTECT and the National Association to Protect Children Associations. Besides describing their mission to fight for the rights and protection of children, Byod has a critical point of view about how justice actually works, not exactly how government or the citizens would like to picture it. This article gives an opposite point of view about how justice is not always applied and how it allows the percentages to increase. Also, this article

supports child abuse topic by making reference on how associations contribute to reduce this community problem.

Childhelp (2013) April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Retrieved October 21, 2013. From Childhelp attributes April as the National Child Abuse Prevention Month during this period many people around the United States perceive how many children are situated into this community problem. The purpose is to make people aware about what happens around their communities and inform them about how they can contribute in order to reduce child abuse by making people aware. This article may support the argument because Childhelp let people know how they may participate against child abuse. Child Welfare Information Gateway (2013) Long-Term Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect. Retrieved October 25, 2013. From hysical Child Welfare Information Gateway talks about the psychological, physical, societal, and behavioral consequences due to child abuse. In addition the author characterizes each factor explaining into detail what long term consequences the victim is going to experience and how it also affects the rest of the society. The author states the problem as a cycle which after passing through each stage will affect every one of them. This article is very important because it summarizes in an specific order how it affects the community.

Hopper, Jim, Ph.D. (2013, June 2) Child Abuse Statistics, Research, and Resources. Retrieved October 16, 2013. From This information provides information based on statistics according to Hopers research on cases throughout human history. It also explains the official reports for each country giving detailed percentages and resources from where Hopper acquired them. The information on child abuse in the article provides part of the background of child abuse and how children who might be possible victims are protected by laws made by the government. This article review and conclude part of the causes and effects of child abuse. Also, it provides specific information and facts that may be useful to support many points. Smith, M., M.A., & Segal, J., Ph.D. (2013). Child Abuse & Neglect. Retrieved October 16, 2013. From Smith and Segals main focus was to explain the definition of child abuse and what it consist of. To do so they first give insight in the understanding of the concept child abuse. Also, they explain what the effects for the victims are by providing different examples. This detailed analysis on child abuse helps people to understand further into one of the most common problems that unfortunately exist into our community. The authors also describe the impact of the risk factors child abuse may have as a consequence. Trauma Institute. (2013) Stolen Innocence: Helping a Child Recover from Sexual Trauma. Retrieved October 16, 2013. From

Trauma Institute describes how after a child's innocence is stolen through sexual abuse they require support. Also, it explains how they can help to prevent, recognize, and heal childhood trauma. The author mentions part of the myths that society believes, the purpose is to inform the rest of the people in order to prevent some of the myths as saying that strangers are those who commit child abuse, when is really common when someone nearby ends up committing the crime. This article may help the argument because Trauma Institute provides information that consists in report how to support a child who suffered child abuse. UNICEF. (2005, November 29) Protecting and Realizing Children's Rights. Retrieved October 16, 2013. From This website is the official UNICEF website that contains information according to the rights that have been approved and signed by the president to become a law. It goes over how UNIFEF is committed to reduce child abuse and specifies how they enforce childrens rights. After that UNICEF explain how it reflects the ratification of the Convention a global commitment to the principles of children's rights. This description of the organization supports with information relied on child abuse since it explains how childrens are protected by the government. This article is essential because its information may be justified according to an official document.