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By: Tasha McCaskiel

The Get Into Sandrerilla School Card Augue

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Higgins, Michelle. The Get-IntoSchool Card. New York Times. N.p., 3 May 2013. Web.

Every child deserves a good education no matter where they live. For many New Yorkers, moving to a particular neighborhood in order to land a seat at a coveted public school has been the game plan for obtaining a high-quality education. Placement in many elementary schools is determined by home address. Navigating school zones has become a problem in the past few years because more families with young children put down roots in the city. Even living two blocks from a well-regarded public school no longer means their child will get in, and with many neighborhoods its becoming even more expensive.

105 schools, according to the Department of Education. The overall number of students put on waiting list has gone down since last year but waiting lists at some schools soared.

The waiting list at P. S. 41 in Greenwich Village had 100 students which went up from 55. The waiting list at P. S. 307 in Queens had 167 and it had previously been 109. Many children on waiting lists end up securing spots as families of enrolled children pursue other options which include moving away, putting their children in private schools.

In November the attendance boundaries for Public Schools 321 and 107 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, were redrawn to help eliminate overcrowding. This was bad for the families who had bought their homes specically because of those schools and now they are zoned for another school. Even without rezoning, families living in districts with overcrowded schools may nd their best-laid plans upended. Last month, more than 2,300 children, or roughly 3 percent of applicants, were put on waiting lists for kindergarten seats at

By Bob Secter and Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, Chicago Tribune reporters.12:29 a.m. CDT, May 8, 2013 Mayor Rahm Emanuels push to shut 53 city elementary schools ran into an unexpected buzz saw of criticism Tuesday from hearing ocers hired to vet the process, with several raising doubts about the wisdom of the proposals and recommending against 13 of the closures set for this year . The hearing ocers, retired state and federal judges, in many cases used sharp language to make it clear they felt many closures were insensitive to children, including special needs students, and even put them in harms way Carl McCormick, a former Cook County circuit judge, complained in his evaluation of Overton Elementary in Bronzeville that ocials promised to send all students at shuttered schools to better ones but in this case were shifting children from one poorly performing site to another. This is tantamount, using a food metaphor, to the promise of an omelet with a crisp wae, he wrote. Then what is delivered are broken eggs, whose contents are oozing out and a burnt pancake. The recommendations, most posted around midnight Monday on the Chicago Public

Mayors Attempt to Sandrerilla Shut Down Schools Augue

Schools website, are nonbinding but clearly stung the Emanuel administration. CPS issued a statement saying the former judges acted outside their authority in criticizing the closings. CPS said the hearing ocers were charged only with nding if the district complied with state law in deciding which schools to close. In nine cases, the ocers found CPS was not in compliance. In four other cases, the ocers wrote that they did not agree with the CPS proposal to close those schools. The hearing ocers recommended against closing Stewart, Stockton, Manierre, Calhoun North, Delano, King, Williams Elementary and Middle, Mayo, Overton, Morgan, Jackson and Buckingham schools.
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Is there really enough time to get everyone up to speed so the 14,400 children from the closing schools are provided safe passage,

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Texas Education Sandrerilla System Augue

Texas education system must change for our future Ramiro Mojarro and Marcelo Tafoya and Fidel Acevedo and Arnoldo Torres, For the Express-News. Wednesday, May 8, 2013 For too long, Texas school children have been handcued by a concept of education that is outdated and underfunded. It has been outperformed by more progressive and choice-driven models throughout the United States. We expect our students to shoulder the burden of our failures, but we increase that burden by providing no opportunity to succeed. Our future deserves legislators to honor the right to a free, quality public education for all rather than stubbornly adhering to a relic of a system that consistently produces subpar results. It is time we put the interests of school children ahead of politics and ideology, provide new concepts and discard traditional constraints that have been stubbornly perpetuated. It is not a coincidence that more than onefourth of Texas high school students fail to graduate on time. For African-American and Hispanic students, the dropout rate is more than one-third. Out of all 50 states, Texas has the highest percentage of adults who have not completed
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school. Not only does it threaten the economic well-being of all Texans, it has and continues to impede economic prog-

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