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Dave Bechinski
Assistant Principal Whiteland Community High School

Interview Questions
1. 2. 3. 4. What are your responsibilities as an instructional supervisor? What is your philosophy as instructional supervisor? Typical day as an administrator? What are some similarities and differences between primary and secondary level principalship? 5. 6. 7. 8. How do you improve teacher effectiveness in the classroom? Most rewarding experience as an administrator? What is the biggest challenge you are faced with as an administrator? How do CPCSC assess student learning? What do you feel as the most effective? 9. What professional development have you found the most effective? 10. What do you look for instructional leader? 11. In your principalship do feel as you were least and most prepared in?

Typical Day Struggles

Do not typically get a lunch. Email inbox is flooded. Put out fires. Must be able to multitask. Turn it off when you go home. It is difficult to be a curriculum leader because an administrator is being pulled in so many directions, such as dealing with discipline or angry parents.

Instructional Supervisor Responsibilities

Making sure the staff is implementing best practices in their classroom instruction. Making sure staff is creating meaningful relationship and building bridges with their students. Working with staff to be best allaround person that they can be.

I would not ask anyone do anything I would not do myself! (Dave Bechinski)

Secondary Principal
Parents are not as involved as at the secondary grade-levels as they are in the primary grade-levels. Parents are more fearful of their students being that they are larger/taller; so dealing with discipline is different at this level. Administrators have more extra-curricular time to put that they put in being that is always something going on at the high school level, but administrators do get compensated more at the high school level. There is a different mindset depending on what level you are administrator of.

Primary Principal
Parents are more involved, and the parents are still relatively in control at home. Students recognized authority levels, and respectful. Students at this level understand when they are trouble and are fearful hen sent to principals office.

Rewarding Experiences
Most rewarding experience is when a student thanks you for what you have done for them. Once you are a teacher you are always a teacher! (Dave Bechinski)

Challenges Experiences
The public education system is expected to do more than educated, but also raising kids today: Implementing the anti-drug movement Implementing best practices Increased Expectations Only so many minutes in the day Prioritizing

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How Dave Beshinski deals with teacher effectiveness in the classroom depends on what the teacher is lacking at that time. He believes in what area that the teacher lack affects how he will approach in providing the support, strategies, and tools that teacher requires. Mr. Bechinski does believe developing meaningful relationship with your student population is the most import skill a teacher must have to ensure student achievement. This is a skill that this is a difficult to teach because you either have it or you do not. If a the teacher lacks in developing meaningful relationships with their students, he will have the teacher sit in a colleagues classroom that excels in this this area by proving

Improve Teacher Effectiveness In the Classroom

them an opportunity to observe and work closely with that individual that excels in this area. In addition, how to improve teacher effectiveness is by implementing those crucial conversations between administrator and staff. This provides the teacher and administration opportunities to collaborate to develop areas in need/weak. It is important during these curial conversations to be honest in identifying weak areas. Administration staff is not approaching these conversations in wanting to put a teachers job in jeopardy, but rather to ensure teachers are provided the support, strategies, and tools to implement best practices in their instructional practices.

Assess Student Learning

PLC ECAs Run data after every 4 weeks IGI Program Rewards Discipline Program Grade checks every 9 weeks Mr. Bechinski feels, as the PLC is the most effective way to assess student learning. Allows the school and departments the opportunity to have the time collaborate effectively to develop their instructional practices, evaluate and analyze their students achievement as a school and as a department

Instructional Leadership
What do you look for?
Develop meaningful relationship with their students. Make the curriculum relevant to students live. Have high expectations of our students by presenting a rigor curriculum.

Bechinskis Principal Preparation

Lack understanding of budget plans. Prepared in: Addressing discipline Due process Servant leadership was and practice it Understanding the control chaos in the front office

Professional Development
The most rewarding professional development that Mr. Bechinski was multicultural workshop as a teacher . He mentioned that it gave him great insight in how to address the needs of multicultural students to ensure their academic achievement. The professional development also provided him other perspectives that these student face, which allowed him build bridges with these students, which he was not able to do prior.

Gina Meyer
EDSUP 650 Administrator Interview Assignment November 3, 2013 Terry L. Wiedmer

THANK YOU LETTER October 11, 2013 Dear Dave Bechinski: Thank you for taking time for allowing me conduct an interview for my graduate studies. The experience provided me great insight of the rewards and challenges struggles a building administrator is faced with. In addition, you addressed the qualities and expertise required to be an effective instructional supervisor. I especially enjoyed that you were able to be so honest and candidate when answering my questions. Thank you again for taking your time out of your extremely busy schedule to help gain a deeper understanding of the job of a building administrator. Sincerely, Gina Meyer