Experience in meditation.

Kailash ch sabat-7207884783 Pandit Srirama Sharma Acharya writes many things on spiritual experience.Do we have any????Now Nirmal baba is a saint who openly preaches benefit of visiting temples.

Year 1997 1997

While Doing meditation Bitten by honey bees on my head On Gayatri chanting tiger was attracted on a zoo

Madness appeared in my mind Got a lot of friendship

1997 2008 2012 2013 2013 2013

On Gayatri chanting –A white rare bird was attracted Listened Omkaar sound Bulls and monkeys became friendly in puri Listened fire enegy On harekrishna chanting –Crow and parrot were attracted Saw chakra activation –Narayan om on heart chakra

People respected me Was offered a job in Hyd Bad news of things into fire

Small offers of jobs came

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Saw a glimpse of big Hanumaan

Relaxation for Backbone merudandasana (Gandhi gyana Mandir –Hyderabad)  Pawanmuktasana  Anantasana  Yogadandasana-Shasankasana

 Merudandasana-10 types

 Suryavedi pranayama  Salvasana  Marjarasana MedicineKalamiricha+Sugar+Ghee on morning on empty stomach or before food An article by Kailash

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