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Jeremy Gilley Professor Fuentes English 1101 18 October 2013 Midterm Reflection

So far we have had many different types of writing assignments for our class. We have had In-Class Writings, Opinion Essay, Literacy Memoir, and many others. Some assignments, like our Literacy memoir had a long due date for it, but other writings such as In-Class Writings had a very short amount of time. It just kind of varied with each assignment we received. All these different writing assignments have made me a lot more comfortable with writing and I am getting better and better at writing. We did some of the writing in the class room where we had about 10 or 15 min to write as much as possible. Other times we would be outside of class and we would turn them in to the submission box. A lot of things we wrote were in response to articles that we read in class or outside of class. For example, we wrote about Malcolm X, Alexie, and Sylvia Scribner. This class has improved my writing a ton. In my high school classes we did not write that much, so I did not have that much experience with writing. Grammar has always been my kind of weak spot when it comes to writing, and I believe I am getting a lot better in that aspect. Before this class, I had no idea what exigence meant or how exactly MLA formatting worked, but now I have a good understanding of these things. I learned that you always have to consider the audience you are writing to, and that you need a deliver a good firm message in your writing. I have also really enjoyed the peer review that we do. It helps a whole lot when I get ready to turn my final draft in.

Overall I really enjoy the writing we do in this class. The topics are usually interesting to write about and it makes writing a lot better. I also feel like when you are writing you should always have at least two drafts. Most people can not just sit down and write the perfect paper the first time. Also peer review always helps. I am glad I have learned so much about writing in this class. I look forward to seeing what else we continue to learn as the class continues.