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They Praise Armed Forces Hence Easiest Deceived

They Praise Armed Forces Hence Easiest Deceived

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Published by Frank Gallagher
After overcoming the willing suspension of disbelief
High Ranking US Major General Exposes September 11.

We're too easy to be laced when made to live in a shoe!!
After overcoming the willing suspension of disbelief
High Ranking US Major General Exposes September 11.

We're too easy to be laced when made to live in a shoe!!

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Dec 03, 2013
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They praise Armed Forces hence easiest deceived http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0xzsb b!

"# A$ter overcomin% the wi&&in% suspension o$ disbe&ie$ 'i%h (an)in% " *a+or ,enera& #xposes eptember -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=./0"'a123&A 45A Whist&eb&ower usan 0indauer #673 # #verythin%8 9#xtreme 7re+udice9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvay:/&;i'" <o witnesses no $ou&888 We=re too easy to be &aced when made to &ive in a shoe88
3$ course a&& concerned about $air share appropriatin% taxpayer money Too easy to read between the &ines when coherent to their pathetic rea&ity 5t $o&&ows they &i)e to be seen as purveyors o$ +obs whi&e needin% their s&aves wor)in% thou%h inept to provide the &uxurious &i$esty&e they crave Than) ,od precious as co&&atera& to appease >i% ?addy88 The props in p&ace 7rime *inister :> proven innocent via (4*7 A&& the wor&d a sta%e in which Fran)y @uite $ran)&y &i)ened se&$ with credentia&s * A *ini ocrates without port$o&io >ottom &ine on the Bth pa%e came to )now the meanin% o$ Bth to rest 5# 5n$ormation #xcerpts From pa%e CD to >ottom &ine http://www.scribd.com/doc/-/:/0CB-C/(#<32-E Fiduciary (esponsib&y Accountab&e <e$arious Fin) www.Fran)-E.com Truths 'o&istic 5nteractive (etrospect Transcendenta& #&ectroma%netism #ns&avers <emesis (ea&ty is the Truth impervious to perception yet due to perception Truth that which wou&d be observed by ,od whether or not 'e exists or whether or not one be&ieves 'e exists 5dea& imp&y (ea&ity ane&y ?ea&t With "nited 7erception o&idarity www."ps-E.com "&timate 7otentia& ociety A5((5A Accountab&e is (esponsib&e (esponsib&e is Accountab&e www.Fran)-E.com 95t is on&y the wisest and the stupidest that cannot chan%e9 GThey must o$ten chan%e who wou&d be constant in happiness or wisdomH 7rime *inister appoints Attorney ,enera&

9+udicia&2&i)e9 and as the 9%uardian o$ the pub&ic interest9.
*u&roney sto&e the (4*7 appointin% 4ommissioner ?72?eputy *inister Fi&ed with the 4ommission $or 4omp&aints a%ainst the (4*7 $or re$usin% to investi%ate the preponderance o$ evidence 5 provided irre$utab&y provin% %overnment corruption conspiracy or%anized crime personi$ied -

4ommission $orwards to (4*7 to investi%ate se&$ citin% the (4*7 Act App&ied throu%h the Access to 5n$ormation and 7rivacy Act to discover the intent is to protect the A4# A&&e%ed 4rimina& #&ement http://www.scribd.com/doc/-0C.DI0DE/(4*72 ar%e2 tates2Apparent&y252Thou%ht2Were2Actua&&y2,oin%2 to25nvesti%ate2,overnment24orruption2as27er24omp&aint 7*5 7rime *inister 5nnocent Jou donKt see any 7o&itica& runnin% with this eh? Forthri%ht Forthwith Forthcomin% FFF

5n the name o$ ,od o$L $or and with the 7eop&e WTF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v="bA44,$.@2c

FFF Fic)&e Fate Fin%er http://www.scribd.com/doc/-/00E.:/./5ta&ian2po&iticians2a%ree2to2aid2a%ainst2&ast2(atz27ope or this eh? ocia&ites E? ?eny ?ivert ?estroy 5n the pretext o$ FFF $orthri%ht $orthwith $orthcomin% systemic # 7 expose se&$ pro$icient&y FFF Forthri%ht Forthwith Forthcomin% 43'A>5T 4reatures o$ 'abit Appropriatin% >ene$actors 5nherent&y Testimonia& e&$ E? ?eny ?ivert ?estroy www.5y$$y5.com 5n your Face $or your 5n$ormation *#(45 *u&roney #scape (oute M(ootN 4apita&ist 5mperia&ism F## Free #nterprise #ns&avement 4onsistent with enate second thou%ht :

http://www.scribd.com/doc/-/CIC-0:0/3n2 econd2Thou%ht2to2*y2Ouery2Wi&&2the24uria24ontact2*e #ach ?AJ ?ar) Abyss Jo)e with T#4# 7<T( (4( a <ew 0#A # on 0i$e 0earned #vi& Assessin% e&$ #xposure Fran)L * ... *aster o$ cience 5 thin) nau%htL +ust thin) a &ot888 7rophet o$ 7ro$its due process www.DamageControl13.com RUNS (esponsib&y "naccountab&e <uances chematics Attorney General, guardian of the pu lic intere!t 13. M-N The Attorney ,enera& $or 3ntario sha&& serve as the %uardian o$ the pub&ic interest in a&& matters within the scope o$ this Act or havin% to do in any way with the practice o$ &aw in 3ntario or the provision o$ &e%a& services in 3ntarioL and $or this purpose he or she may at any time re@uire the production o$ any document or thin% pertainin% to the a$$airs o$ the ociety. (. .3. -DD0L c. 0./L s. -E M-NP -DD/L c. :-L s. B M-NP :00.L c. :-L ched. 4L s. -E. Admi!!ion! M:N <o admission o$ any person in any document or thin% produced under subsection M-N is admissib&e in evidence a%ainst that person in any proceedin%s other than proceedin%s under this Act. (. .3. -DD0L c. 0./L s. -E M:NP -DD/L c. :-L s. B M:N. "rotection of #ini!ter MEN <o person who is or has been the Attorney ,enera& $or 3ntario is sub+ect to any proceedin%s o$ the ociety or to any pena&ty imposed under this Act $or anythin% done by him or her whi&e exercisin% the $unctions o$ such o$$ice. (. .3. -DD0L c. 0./L s. -E MENP -DD/L c. :-L s. B MEN. Fiduciary 3$ (uns #xposed Q run with Tai& between their &e%s

Too #asy #h? T##


?eny ?ivert ?estroy E? Forte not a hope in he&& in the 45#<4# e&$ 4omp&icit 5mposin% #xposin% <atura& 4ause #$$ect 53< AT3* 5nteractive or <aive&y i&ent the sma&&est portion into which an e&ement can be divided and sti&& retain its propertiesL made up o$ a denseL positive&y char%ed nuc&eus surrounded by a system o$ e&ectrons. Atoms usua&&y do not divide in chemica& reactions except $or some remova&L trans$erL or exchan%e o$ speci$ic e&ectrons.

: a very sma&& part or amount R not an atom o$ truth http://www.scribd.com/doc/--E//:DBB/ pirit25ntent27recedence2de2Sure24onstitution2or2(omans2-E2 ,amin%2the2 ystem2de2Facto Je o&d - : days o$ Jore The Attorney ,enera& does notL howeverL direct or cause char%es to be &aid. Whi&e the Attorney ,enera& and the Attorney ,enera&=s a%ents may provide &e%a& advice to the po&iceL -

the ultimate deci!ion
whether or not to &ay char%es is $or the po&ice. 3nce the char%e is &aid : the decision as to whether the prosecution shou&d proceedL and in what mannerL is $or the Attorney ,enera& and the 4rown Attorney. http://www.scribd.com/doc/-ICC//BEI/>ar2to2>ar2Sustice24auses2#ccentric2to2 add&e2"p2to2the2>ar 5# 5ncarcerate #vidence :I. M-N Anyone whose ri%hts or $reedomsL as %uaranteed by this 4harterL have been in$rin%ed or denied may app&y to a court o$ competent +urisdiction to obtain such remedy as the court considers appropriate and +ust in the circumstances. M:N WhereL in proceedin%s under subsection M-NL a court conc&udes that evidence was obtained in a manner that in$rin%ed or denied any ri%hts or $reedoms %uaranteed by this 4harterL the evidence sha&& be exc&uded i$ it is estab&ished thatL havin% re%ard to a&& the circumstancesL the admission o$ it in the proceedin%s wou&d brin% the administration o$ +ustice into disrepute. JWT* Why waste Taxpayer *oney 3bvious&y 5nnocent Tacit 5&&e%a& <e$arious ,enocida& 3rdinance I

35T5<,3 3nce in there is no %ettin% 3ut -I*:I E:(IFT, 3ne $or *oney Two $or how Three to (eady Four Free to ,o :> they must ride the waves in hopes <ot :> washed out to sea888 'o&y conundrum >atman Q Jep 5 )now batty (obin and Woto )nows shit >ein% why he uses puppet name Fran) -E a rea& person so when the shit hits the $an Q. W3T3F Wizard o$ the outhouse )nows shit

www.Fran)-E.com <either po&itica& nor re&i%ious in hope&essness and despair without a prayer www.S" T54#-E.com 5t is ar%ued that ocrates be&ieved 9idea&s be&on% in a wor&d on&y the wise man can understand9LTE/U ma)in% the phi&osopher the on&y type o$ person suitab&e to %overn others. 5n 7&ato=s dia&o%ue the (epub&icL ocrates open&y ob+ected to the democracy that ran Athens durin% his adu&t &i$e. 5t was not on&y Athenian democracy: ocrates $ound short o$ idea& any %overnment that did not con$orm to his presentation o$ a per$ect re%ime &ed by phi&osophersL and Athenian %overnment was $ar $rom that. 5t isL howeverL possib&e that the ocrates o$ 7&ato=s (epub&ic is co&ored by 7&ato=s own views. ?urin% the &ast years o$ ocrates= &i$eL Athens was in continua& $&ux due to po&itica& upheava&. ?emocracy was at &ast overthrown by a +unta )nown as the Thirty TyrantsL &ed by 7&ato=s re&ativeL 4ritiasL who had been a $riend o$ ocrates. The Tyrants ru&ed $or about a year be$ore the Athenian democracy was reinstatedL at which point it dec&ared an amnesty $or a&& recent events. ocrates= opposition to democracy is o$ten deniedL and the @uestion is one o$ the bi%%est phi&osophica& debates when tryin% to determine exact&y what ocrates be&ieved. The stron%est ar%ument o$ those who c&aim ocrates did not actua&&y be&ieve in the idea o$ phi&osopher )in%s is that the view is expressed no ear&ier than 7&ato=s (epub&icL which is wide&y considered one o$ 7&ato=s 9*idd&e9 dia&o%ues and not representative o$ the historica& ocrates= views. FurthermoreL accordin% to 7&ato=s Apo&o%y o$ ocratesL an 9ear&y9 dia&o%ueL ocrates re$used to pursue C

conventiona& po&iticsP he o$ten stated he cou&d not &oo) into other=s matters or te&& peop&e how to &ive their &ives when he did not yet understand how to &ive his own. 'e be&ieved he was a phi&osopher en%a%ed in the pursuit o$ TruthL and did not c&aim to )now it $u&&y. ocrates= acceptance o$ his death sentence a$ter his conviction can a&so be seen to support this view. 5t is o$ten c&aimed much o$ the anti2democratic &eanin%s are $rom 7&atoL who was never ab&e to overcome his dis%ust at what was done to his teacher. 5n any caseL it is c&ear ocrates thou%ht the ru&e o$ the Thirty Tyrants was a&so ob+ectionab&eP when ca&&ed be$ore them to assist in the arrest o$ a $e&&ow AthenianL ocrates re$used and narrow&y escaped death be$ore the Tyrants were overthrown. 'e didL howeverL $u&$i&& his duty to serve as 7rytanis when a tria& o$ a %roup o$ ,enera&s who presided over a disastrous nava& campai%n were +ud%edP even then he maintained an uncompromisin% attitudeL bein% one o$ those who re$used to proceed in a manner not supported by the &awsL despite intense pressure.TEDU Sud%in% by his actionsL he considered the ru&e o$ the Thirty Tyrants &ess &e%itimate than the ?emocratic enate that sentenced him to death. ocrates= apparent respect $or democracy is one o$ the themes emphasized in the :00/ p&ay ocrates on Tria& by Andrew 5rvine. 5rvine ar%ues that it was because o$ his &oya&ty to Athenian democracy that ocrates was wi&&in% to accept the verdict o$ his $e&&ow citizens. As 5rvine puts itL G?urin% a time o$ war and %reat socia& and inte&&ectua& upheava&L ocrates $e&t compe&&ed to express his views open&yL re%ard&ess o$ the conse@uences. As a resu&tL he is remembered todayL not on&y $or his sharp wit and hi%h ethica& standardsL but a&so $or his &oya&ty to the view that in a democracy the best way $or a man to serve himse&$L his $riendsL and his city A even durin% times o$ war A is by bein% &oya& toL and by spea)in% pub&ic&y aboutL the truth.HTI0U ocrates= death is considered iconic and his status as a martyr o$ phi&osophy overshadows most contemporary and posthumous criticism. 'oweverL 6enophon mentions ocrates= 9arro%ance9 and that he was 9an expert in the art o$ pimpin%9 or 9se&$2presentation9. TCIU ?irect criticism o$ ocrates the man a&most disappears a$ter this timeL but there is a noticeab&e pre$erence $or 7&ato or Aristot&e over the e&ements o$ ocratic phi&osophy distinct $rom those o$ his studentsL even into the *idd&e A%es. ocrates be&ieved the best way $or peop&e to &ive was to $ocus on the pursuit o$ virtue rather than the pursuitL $or instanceL o$ materia& wea&th.TECU 'e a&ways invited others to try to concentrate more on $riendships and a sense o$ true communityL $or ocrates $e&t this was the best way $or peop&e to %row to%ether as a popu&ace. TE.U 'is actions &ived up to this: in the endL ocrates accepted his death sentence when most thou%ht he wou&d simp&y &eave AthensL as he $e&t he cou&d not run away $rom or %o a%ainst the wi&& o$ his communityP as mentioned aboveL his reputation $or va&or on the batt&e$ie&d was without reproach. The idea that there are certain virtues $ormed a common thread in ocrates= teachin%s. These virtues represented the most important @ua&ities $or a person to haveL $oremost o$ which were the phi&osophica& or inte&&ectua& virtues. ocrates stressed that 9the unexamined &i$e is not worth &ivin% TandU ethica& virtue is the on&y thin% that matters.9TEBU There shou&d be no doubt thatL despite his c&aim to )now on&y that he )new nothin%L ocrates had stron% be&ie$s about the divine. Accordin% to 6enophonL he was a te&eo&o%ist who he&d that %od arran%es everythin% $or the best.TE-U .

ocrates $re@uent&y says his ideas are not his ownL but his teachers=. 'e mentions severa& in$&uences: 7rodicus the rhetor and Anaxa%oras the phi&osopher. 7erhaps surprisin%&yL ocrates c&aims to have been deep&y in$&uenced by two women besides his mother: he says that ?iotimaL a witch and priestess $rom *antineaL tau%ht him a&& he )nows about erosL or &oveP and that AspasiaL the mistress o$ 7eric&esL tau%ht him the art o$ rhetoric.TE:U ocrates= death is described at the end o$ 7&ato=s 7haedo. ocrates turned down 4rito=s p&eas to attempt an escape $rom prison. A$ter drin)in% the poisonL he was instructed to wa&) around unti& his &e%s $e&t numb. A$ter he &ay downL the man who administered the poison pinched his $ootP ocrates cou&d no &on%er $ee& his &e%s. The numbness s&ow&y crept up his body unti& it reached his heart. hort&y be$ore his deathL ocrates spea)s his &ast words to 4rito: 94ritoL we owe a rooster to Asc&epius. 7&easeL don=t $or%et to pay the debt.9 http://en.wi)ipedia.or%/wi)i/ ocrates 5t was said Fran) at B-L a&& a&one in hope&essness and despair wa&)ed throu%h the ?AJ ?ar) Abyss Jo)e havin% &on% a%o been dia%nosed with rest&ess &e% syndrome and s&eep&ess in the sadd&e havin% discovered http://www.scribd.com/doc/-ICC//BEI/>ar2to2>ar2Sustice24auses2#ccentric2to2 add&e2"p2to2the2>ar 7&otted the inevitab&e $uture avai&ab&e in consistency o$ his eccentric ways

GA &itt&e &earnin% is a dan%erous thin%P ?rin) deep and taste not the 7ierian sprin%P There sha&&ow drau%hts intoxicate the brainP And drin)in% &ar%e&y sobers us a%ain.H A&exander 7ope -.// 2 -BII www.?oc)et-E.Fran)-E.com Fran)y was arrested as they a&&e%ed had misinterpreted 7ope http://www.scribd.com/doc/-/00E.:/./5ta&ian2po&iticians2a%ree2to2aid2a%ainst2&ast2(atz27ope 4onsistent with 4on$ucius and ocrates desire to inspire Thin) Fran) &eaves us ponderin% which 7ope? Fran) had come to )now the purpose and meanin% o$ the 7ope 5 reiterate upon a pro&i$eration o$ reiterations B

http://www.scribd.com/doc/-0C.DI0DE/(4*72 ar%e2 tates2Apparent&y252Thou%ht2Were2Actua&&y2,oin%2 to25nvesti%ate2,overnment24orruption2as27er24omp&aint www.,a&&a%her4hronic&es.com


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