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Share and discuss this handout with students (in any discipline) to build awareness of their own reading

and study habits. A good follow-up activity is to model and assign the SQ3R (which includes many of the active strategies) method for an assigned reading.
ACTIVE AND PASSIVE READERS ACTIVE READERS Have a positive attitude toward reading Read for ideas Ask questions to guide reading and thinking Create their own goa s for reading assign!ent "ork to keep interest and !otivation high Contro their #on#entration $se stud% s%ste!s and !e!or% strategies $nder ine and annotate te&t'ooks Re ate what the% read to prior know edge and e&perien#e Review !ateria s '% reading notes and other !ateria s

PASSIVE READERS Have a negative attitude toward reading Read on % words Read without thinking or questioning Read 'e#ause (it)s assigned* E&pe#t the author to interest and !otivate the! Are easi % distra#ted Resist using stud% s%ste!s and !e!or% strategies Do not use !arking s%ste!s See no #onne#tion 'etween #o ege reading and ife or work Review '% re+reading entire #hapters Adapted fro! Caro C, -anar. The Confident Student. /th edition 0New 1ork2 Houghton 3iff in Co,. 45567