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Born Josef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, in Podolia, a Ukrainian province in Poland, in 1857. His father and mother, Apollo and Ewa, were political activists. They were imprisoned for 7 months and eventually deported to Vologda. Conrads mother died of pneumonia in 1865, the year of their return in the country. Conrads father had studied law and languages at St. Petersburg University and written radical poems and plays. He was a highly cultivated man, he encouraged his son to read widely, which he did both as a child and later, during his sea years. His father died in 1870, leaving young Josef in the care of his maternal uncle. He also wrote o o o - Short stories/ novellas - Essays - Autobiographical notes the

In his writings, he blends the late romanticism of adventures at sea with realisticpictures of life in the former British colonies and other exotic places.

Mainly concerned with the characters, the journeys his characters take are always journeys of selfdiscovery. The characters are metaphors for human feelings in a complex and disillusioning world. Setting -Sea and Exotic latitudes (River/Jungle) -> Adventure stories -Places well known -> to isolate characters -> inner conflicts -Ship as microcosm o Same narrator (Marlow) or more than one Several points of view -> no constraints of omniscient narrator -> reader free to decide upon the relativism of moral values. o Narrative technique: Oblique Extreme situations -> violence, misery Heroes: solitary figures, with no past and uncertain future o Language: English -> ideal expression for complexity of life -Idiomatic dialogue: -question marks -exclamation marks -dashes -interjections -Variety of adjectives -Complex structures o

Possible topics:
Summarize the first chapter of Lord Jim. Which is the time and the place of action in the first chapter? What does the background represent in Conrads novels? Who is Marlow and what is his function in the novel Lord Jim? Which is the recurrent motif of the first Chapter in Lord Jim? What is the time of narration and how does the author use it in the first Chapter? Romantic hero in Lord Jim? Characterize Jim. Which is the point of view in Lord Jim?