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Introduction To Different Parts Used In Mobile Phone

Dear Students Here are we going to study about different parts used in mobile phones and there functions in the cell phone systems. To avoid non applicable items in mobile phones we will discuss only key components which are responsible for the faults. Fuse: Fuse is a component which is used to protect phone from connected to heavy charging Volts. This component can easily be located in charging section. It is built with a simple wire inside which is so thin that when heavy volts are passed or connected to the phone this wire melts with in an instance and disconnects the charger from phone so may the charging circuit inside the phone be protected. The fuse resmables much to resistance but it is marked upon as k! or """! or something else like this so the component you see like this will be fuse. Symbol #sed For $esistance In Schematics %riginal Shape in general electronics

Shape used In &obile 'hones

Battery terminal: (attery terminals are used to connect batteries to phone in all cell phone sets.some phone sets have three terminal battery connector and some have four terminal.connection detail of both type of battery terminals are given below.

). ). +. +. .. ..

* sign is used to show 'ositive connector , sign is used to show -egative connector (SI! means (attery State Indicator./this pin tells the phone about batter charging state. 0. 0. (1Temp! means (attery temprature./this pin Tells the phone about battery temprature state. Symbole #sed in Schematics -on1'olar

Shape #sed in &obile 'hones

SIM Connector : 2 coil is a piece of metel wire/ normally it is of copper3 this is used to filter low fre4uency signals because it performs low resistance for low fre4uency signals but very high resistance for high fre4uency signals. 2 coil resambles to resistance by its characteristics but there is a little difference between coil and resistance that coil resists only 25 type of current D5 is passed Directly whereas resistance resists D5 as well as 25. Shape used in Schematics

Shape used in mobile phones