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November 26, 2013 Misconceptions about ministry 1. Not a social agency 2. Not an educational institution 3. Not a program 4.

Not a building 5. Not an organism but an organism Acts 2:24-47 - Apostles teaching - Devoted (commitment) themselves to the fellowship (the people) - The breaking of bread - Prayer - Praise and worship Factors that contributes to the disorientations of Pastoral Ministry 1. Pastoral role has been superseded a. The task of pastoral caring is given to professionals 2. The pastoral imagery was outdated a. The pastor as a shepherd was outdated 3. The pastoral structure of the church is outmoded 4. Pastoral office is under fire 5. The pastoral approach is considered old fashioned to provide foundations to build better life

November 28,2013 Ministry is not a program or a building.. Its more than receiving a compensation, It is commitment and dedication to the Lord BIBLICAL PHILOSOPHY of MINISTRY (BPM) -helps you facilitate your ministry - Is a statement of purpose - spells out exactly what we want to accomplish in the ministry -identifies the reason for existence -becomes a map to keep the minister on track - guide for course of action -correct the minister for hazards in ministry - Encouragement when we are burdened so much Advantages when we articulate our BPM -determine the scope of our ministry -we can reevaluate the church ministries existence in the light of its message -we can evaluate the ministry in the light of thoughtful criteria rather than on the basis of programs popularity -I keeps the ministry balanced and focused on essentials: W-worship I-instruction F- Fellowship E-Education -can mobilize a greater proportion of our congregation to be ministers -alternative community to people who are saved a sensible approach to a pastoral ministry is formulating a biblical philosophy of the ministry -why we do what we do Pastoral Ministry- a divine calling 1 Tim 1:12-17...I am unworthy an unqualified 2 Cor 3:4-6 ...But we are privileged by grace