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Facts of the Case

Linda Adanalian is dead because of an acute selenium intoxication. The day before she dies, her routine was all normal except that theres an unpleasant argument between her and her husband during dinner time. On the day of her death, she suffers symptoms like diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. After watching an ice show, she sits down on steps and tells her children to yell for help before she passed out. She jerks and wakes, having trouble of breathing and started to faint within 5 minutes. Lindas wrists curl inward and she starts into a fetal, contorted position where she convulses and seizes again. At the hospital, shes agitated, flailing and struggling for air. Analysis showed that shes having a high blood sugar level and shes pronounced dead at 11.44 pm. Mark, her husband tells the A&E doctor that she was complaining of chest pain for last 2 days and with radiation down the left arm. The autopsy shows that theres no medical explanation for her death. However, after 3 months, it was found out by a toxicologist that her death was caused by acute selenium intoxication.