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Case No. 130 Mr.

Mr. Hari Prasad is the Administrative Manager of XYZ company. It is a medium sized company. Mr. Hari Prasad has been working in the company, since last 10 years as a Secretary and Chief Accountant. His record was excellent. Recently, he has been selected as the Administrative Manager. This new post was created, a year ago. As a result of this change, output of his work in the office dropped considerably and morale became low. There was an alarming increase in staff turnover. To study the situation, the M.D. engaged a consultant. The report of the consultant while praising the expert knowledge of Mr. Hari Prasad on many technical aspects of office administration, pointed out his incapabilities especially in dealing with people. Surprisingly, Mr. Prasad enjoyed considerable popularity among the senior executives of the company. He won their esteem for his valuable services as a manager. They were worried over the capabilities of Mr. Hari Prasad in dealing with people. They were helpless.

Evaluation of the case:

The employee of a organization, Mr. Hari Prasad is become the valuable asset for his company but still he is not capable to adopt new post (Administrative Manager).

SWOT analysis :
S 10 Years Experience Strong Knowledge about companys environment

W Incapability to adopt new post Morel value of Mr. Prasad

O Goodwill of Mr. Hari Prasad

T The Report of the consultant.

Question & Answer :

Q.1 What is the real cause of problem?

Ans. Here the problem is to give a big responsibility to incapable person. Q.2 What can be done to rectify the situation, considering Mr. Prasads value to the company?

Ans. After serving the successful10 years in XYZ company, Mr. Prasad has become the valuable asset for his company. So company has to provide proper training & balanced coordination to him. Q.3 Do you feel that sensitivity training is required for Mr. Prasad? Give reason for your answer.

Ans. Yes, we feel that sensitivity training is required for Mr. Hari Prasad, Because Mr. Prasad was profitable during the post of Secretary and Chief Accountant & his profitability was go down after being Administrative Manager. That means he is not capable to this post, Because the working of both post are totally different. But after giving proper training he can become capable/fit for this post. Q.4 Ans. Give a suitable title to the case.