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College Management

Introduction College management software is prepared to maintain the day to day operations in a leading college. This software help them to maintain the student and employee records. So the maintain becomes easier. Purpose The purpose of this document is to specify requirements and to give guidelines for the development of above said project. In particular it gives guidelines on how to prepare the above said project. This document is intended to be a practical guide for people who developing this software. Scope This is of generic type software, suitable to all colleges. This software have all the modules to manage college transactions. Separate division is provided to maintain admission process. Student management, etc., Goal The main goal of the application is to maintain the records of management.. References College, This software is helpful to the colleges to maintain the student and employee mployee management

Overview This is a general software serve the purpose of maintenance of records in a colleges. This software provide them very easier option to search for the student details, his fee status. !ttendance, test mar"s, test result etc.,

Existing System !t present in colleges all records maintained manually. There are thousands of students joining each year. !s the years goes then number of students also get increases, for the staff to maintain all these students records is very tedious and time consuming. #pdate fee, test mar"s, test result all these need to be done in time to achieve college management need to be recruit more peoples. To solve this problem this project is prepared which help the management to maintain the records accurately.

Proposed System In the proposed system all the parameter are considered to maintain neat and easier solutions. In college to maintain all student records they need have more staff and also place to maintain the records. ven maintained properly when ever required they are not available. To solve this problem this program is designed. It serve the purpose of maintain records. Collecting fee. !nnouncing the test results. tc.,

Hardware and Software requirements

Hardware Requirements $rocessor +!M Monitor 0eyboard Mouse % % % $entium I& '()* and !bove '(, +!M -./ Color Monitor

Software Requirements 1perating System. 4eveloping Tool 4atabase % % % 2indows 3$ &isual ,asic 5.6 MS !ccess

The frontend of this project is &isual ,asic 5.6 and ,ac"end is MS!ccess. This project is readily available, to buy this project send your postal address by SMS 7Mobile 8o 9 !"#$#! %9 or email 7ra&s'ainfotec'(gmail)com9, we will send you this project by postal &$$ you can pay to the postman and collect the C4. If you are loo"ing for different bac"end please email the details. 2e will give this project in different bac"end with additional cost along with video how to change the bac"end, and how to use the project. If you wish to write the whole project yourself, the option is open we can help you to design and write the project. 2e will ma"e a video how to write the whole project and we will send to you, by watching that video you can able to write the project yourself. :or more details please contact us. 2e also underta"e new projects, if you need a new project then please contact us.