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C^J^Aprll 1988x^1;;^

TOIiEDO, OhJ.0, April 2, 1968 Helen Qfj Marshall sends word that
Miss grace Fllfclnfl-^passed away March Slst at Christian 014

People's Home in St. Louis, Missouri, Memorial eei^ioes were-MU

conducted in the chapel of the Home by Vernon Newland, who is

minister of the University City church and dean of St. Louis
Christian College.

Miss Filkins had been hospitalized in Christian Hospital since

late in January, She would have been 80 on her birthday June 25J
born in Hebron, Nebraska in 1878. She was baptised into

Christ in Taooma, Washington when she was 65 yeara old, having been
sprinkled many years before*

She served in Alaska during 1951-195S as a teacher for the

children In Alaska Cfarigtian Home which is conducted by Bill and

Mrs. Sarah Sates and associates at Homer, Alaska. Following her Return to the States she spent nearly two yesirs traveling among
the churches to represent the Home until illness prevented her
further travel. She is survived by a sister Mrs. Mabelle Ridley

of Ellensburg, Washington.