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K63 One-Chip AM Radio Lab

Name: ______________ Date: ______________ Up until now we have been using very simplistic circuits to construct an AM transmitter and receiver. We now want to explore a more in depth radio receiver system. !ab Worth: "# points $ to % people per group &b'ective: this lab will demonstrate proper assembly o( a complex AM receiver circuit. )he students will de able to de(ine* A+,* -ensitivity* and read a technical data sheet o( a receiver system. .ollowing the instructions provided on the handout (or this lab* care(ully construct the receiver. ,omplete the (ollowing /uestions and commands. Wor0ing with your read* (irst read the handout on the 12% one chip AM 3adio. Wor0ing together care(ully assemble the receiver. 4nstructor signature o( completed pro'ect. _______________ 5$$ points6 Question 1: Draw a simpli(ied bloc0 diagram o( this circuit. Describe each section o( what is happening. 52 points6

Question 2: +o onto a web browser and download the speci(ications (or the 4,M1787 chip. Attach to end o( this lab. 5$ points6 Question 3: What is the sensitivity (or this chip. 9int* detail the various sensitivity issues contained in the data sheet. 57 points6

Question 4: What is A+,: De(ine it. 57 points6 Question 5: )he 4,M1787 chip cannot actually ampli(y the 3. signal directly* what happens to allow us to receive the audio data (rom the 3. portion o( the signal: 57 points6

Question 6: Why is there a (errite bar to and coil o( wire in this circuit: 57 points6

Question 7: Why are we concerned with sensitivity when we receive an 3. signal: 57 points6