Cardiff Sufi Group: The Spiritual Journey, Week 4

Weekly Readings

The Divine Initiative & The Glory of Non-Existence

Welcome to the Cardiff !fi gro!"# "art of the Threshold ociety$ This %eek %e contin!e o!r ex"loration of the &o!rney# ex"anding o!r foc!s to consider the Divine initiative in o!r lives# and non-existence$ We s!ggest this fo!r ste" a""roach to %orking %ith this selection' • • • • Read this selection# o!t lo!d if "ossi(le# seven times$ D%ell !"on the "hrase or sentence that to!ches yo!$ )sk yo!rself %hat relevance or a""lication this has to yo!rself$ *inally# sit in the afterglo% of these reflections and o"en yo!rself to %hatever ne% insight or message the Divine might have for yo!$

Text +ne

What %isdom %as this# that the +(&ect of all desire ca!sed me to leave my home &oyo!sly on a fool,s errand# so that I %as act!ally r!shing to lose the %ay and at each moment (eing taken farther from %hat I so!ght and then God in -is (eneficence made that very %andering the means of my reaching the right road and finding %ealth. -e makes losing the %ay a %ay of tr!e faith/ -e makes going astray a field for the harvest of righteo!sness# so that no righteo!s one may (e %itho!t fear and no traitor may (e %itho!t ho"e$ The Gracio!s +ne has "!t the antidote in the "oison so that they may say -e is the 0ord of hidden grace$ 12$3445-34336

Text T%o
0isten# o"en a %indo% to God and (egin to delight yo!rself (y ga7ing !"on -im thro!gh the o"ening$ The (!siness of love is to make that %indo% in the heart# for the (reast is ill!mined (y the (ea!ty of the 8eloved$ Ga7e incessantly on the face of the 8eloved. 0isten# this is in yo!r "o%er# my friend. 12$495:-495;6

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