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Brian M. Kolb Minority Leader

November 1 ! "#1$ %overnor %eor&e 'ata(i Hon. H. )arl M*)all For +ar too lon&! ,ard-.or(in& Ne. Yor(er/ and 0ob-*reatin& b1/ine//e/ ,ave end1red t,e *,allen&e/ o+ t,e nation2/ mo/t o33re//ive ta4 *limate. T,e onero1/ *o/t/ o+ livin& and .or(in& in Ne. Yor( State drive/ +amilie/ and *om3anie/ a.ay! and into re&ion/ .,ere t,e road to 3ro/3erity i/ not lined .it, /o many +inan*ial ,1rdle/. E/tabli/,in& t,e Ne. Yor( State Ta4 Relie+ )ommi//ion demon/trate/ t,at t,e %overnor re*o&ni5e/ t,e lon&/tandin& 3roblem! b1t it i/ im3erative t,at t,i/ re*o&nition lead/ to re/1lt/. W,ile t,e .or( o+ t,e )ommi//ion i/ im3ortant! initiative/ t,at .ill red1*e ta4e/ +or Ne. Yor(er/ already e4i/t in le&i/lative 3ro3o/al/ develo3ed by member/ o+ t,e A//embly Re31bli*an )on+eren*e. 6 /1bmit +or *on/ideration ta4-relie+ mea/1re/ t,at *an ,ave immediate and la/tin& bene+it/ to o1r *omm1nitie/! to o1r e*onomy and to t,e +1t1re o+ Ne. Yor(. • • • 18-A Assessment Repeal - End/ t,e State2/ tem3orary 7tility A//e//ment 819-a: t,at i/ 3la*ed on 1tility *om3anie/ b1t ,anded do.n to *1/tomer/ 8A.$9"-A! Ha.ley:. Permanent Middle Class Tax Cut - Ma(e/ 3ermanent t,e Middle )la// 6n*ome Ta4 )1t! .,i*, .a/ +ir/t ena*ted in "#11 8A.; < -A! Kolb:. “Work NY”= o Eliminate/ t,e )or3orate Fran*,i/e Ta4 and 'er/onal 6n*ome Ta4 8'6T: +or all man1+a*t1rer/. o 'rovide/ a 1# 3er*ent '6T *redit +or /mall b1/ine//e/ .it, in*ome/ le// t,an >" #!###. o )reate/ a ?Hire-NY@ ta4 *redit +or b1/ine//e/ +or ea*, ne. 0ob *reated. Ea*, b1/ine// .ill re*eive an additional ta4 *redit i+ t,e 0ob i/ +illed by an 1nem3loyed 3er/on. o Re3eal/ t,e ton milea&e ta4 on tr1*(in& to alleviate t,e adver/e e++e*t it ,a/ on b1/ine//e/ lo*atin& +leet/ or di/trib1tion *enter/ in t,e /tate 8A.; A -A! Kolb:. Corporate Fran !ise Tax Redu tion - Be*rea/e/ t,e ta4 b1rden on medi1m- and lar&e/i5e b1/ine//e/ by lo.erin& t,e *or3orate +ran*,i/e ta4 +rom <.1 3er*ent to A.9 3er*ent. Al/o! 3,a/e/ o1t t,e *or3orate +ran*,i/e ta4 +or /mall b1/ine//e/ over /i4 year/ 8A.; A;A! Kolb:.

“"i#"oom” - E/tabli/,e/ a b1/ine// /tart13 3ro&ram *1ttin& all a33li*ation +ee/ +or ne. b1/ine//e/ by #C +or t,e +ir/t yearD eliminatin& b1/ine// in*ome ta4e/ +or t,e +ir/t year and red1*in& in*ome ta4 rate/ +or t,e /e*ond and t,ird year 8A.; A<! Kolb:. MTA Pa$roll Tax Repeal - Re3eal/ t,e Metro3olitan )omm1ter Tran/3ortation Mobility Ta4 8A.$"9 ! Rabbitt:. %!op NY - Eliminate/ t,e /tate /ale/ ta4 on item/ /1*, a/ &a/oline! *ar /eat/! bi(e ,elmet/! and ,y&iene 3rod1*t/ to ma(e ne*e//itie/ more a++ordable +or +amilie/ 8A.1 <;! Kolb:. Tax &edu tion 'or Mandated Colle(e %upplies - Ma(e/ o1t-o+-3o*(et *olle&e e43en/e/ +or *o1r/e reE1irement/ ta4 ded1*tible 8A.1 A;! Kolb:. Computer and % !ool %uppl$ %ales Tax Free Week - )reate/ a /ale/ ta4-+ree .ee( +or all ed1*ation-related 31r*,a/e/ a/ .ell a/ *om31ter ,ard.are and /o+t.are 8A.$# $! Reili*,:. Retain NY - 'rovide/ ta4 *redit/ +or Ne. Yor(er/ 3ayin& *olle&e t1ition and /t1dent loan/ 8A.;9F1! Kolb:. )P*C )xtra - 'rovide/ in*ome ta4 ded1*tion/ +or *ertain /enior/ /tr1&&lin& .it, 3re/*ri3tion dr1& *o/t/ 8A.;";A! Raia:. *n ome Tax Credit 'or +,tainin( Flood *nsuran e - 'rovide/ ta4 *redit/ +or t,o/e obtainin& +lood in/1ran*e 8A."; 9! )ro1*,:. Pro!i,ition o' -n'unded Mandates - 'ro,ibit/ 1n+1nded mandate/ 1nle// t,ey are 3aid +or by t,e /tate 8A. ##1! M*La1&,lin:. ./0 1ote Re2uirement 'or Tax *n rease - ReE1ire a t.o-t,ird/ vote o+ bot, ,o1/e/ o+ t,e /tate le&i/lat1re +or a33roval o+ any in*rea/e! e4ten/ion! im3o/ition or re/toration o+ any ta4! +ee! a//e//ment! /1r*,ar&e or any ot,er /1*, levy *,an&e! e4*e3t any bill .,i*, re/1lt/ +rom t,e 3a//a&e o+ a ,ome r1le me//a&e 8A.;<<;! 'alme/ano:.

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T,e/e 3ro3o/al/ ali&n .it, t,e *,ar&e o+ t,e Ne. Yor( State Ta4 Relie+ )ommi//ion! and 6 ,o3e t,ey .ill be *on/idered a/ t,e )ommi//ion 3re3are/ it/ +inal re*ommendation/ to t,e %overnor. T,e A//embly Re31bli*an )on+eren*e /tand/ ready to /133ort t,e )ommi//ion on mea/1re/ t,at ea/e t,e +i/*al b1rden/ on ta43ayer/! +a*ilitate 0ob *reation! and /tim1late o1r e*onomy. Sin*erely!

"rian M3 4ol, Assem,l$ Minorit$ 5eader


Hon. Andre. )1omo Ball For/yt,e! +ormer Ne. Yor( State B1d&et Bire*tor Gim Wet5ler! Bire*tor! Beloite Ta4 LL' Heat,er Bri**etti! Ne. Yor( State B1/ine// )o1n*il Bill R1din! )EO and Hi*e ),airman o+ R1din Mana&ement )om3any and ),airman o+ t,e A//o*iation +or a Better Ne. Yor( Ga*( I1inn! 're/ident o+ Erie )omm1nity )olle&e Beni/ M. H1&,e/! Senior Advi/or at Bro.n J Weinra1b! 'LL)

RE'LY TO= ο Room F$$! Le&i/lative O++i*e B1ildin&! Albany! Ne. Yor( 1"";9! 8 19: ; -$< 1! Fa4 8 19: ; ο Bi/tri*t O++i*e= A#< W. Wa/,in&ton St S1ite K"! %eneva ! NY 1;; A! 8 19: <91-"#$#

-$< #