Expanding Homes By: Diana Medrano

Creative Writing by: D.M. Ruiz

As families grew and expanded, so did the homes. It was very common for additional areas to be added to the original one-room structure as the family grew or as it was financially possible. On the rare occasion that finances permitted, a family would build a “two-pen” home. This design consists of two one-room structures that were joined with one roof. This design became known as the “dog trot” style and is still commonly built today.
Jameson, Tommi. Log Cabins: Past & Present. New York: Schiffer Publishing,Ltd. & Heathstone, Inc., 2008. Print. 6


June 1848
The Single room cabin was beginning to get more and more crowded. The loft area in the half story where all seven of us children had to sleep just to make more room in the down stairs was starting to become less efficient. The space between the kitchen and were everything else took place was no longer enough. Father had finally decided that our family would in fact benefit in adding more space to the current rooms by adding a room to the other end of our home. With the money father had manage to save up the Construction began the new roof was now going to cover both the dining/cooking area as well as the living space with a breezeway running through the middle. We were now also able to add a new chimney and a small porch. The log collecting took a while and the use of board-and-batten siding and other building materials would be used. Slowly the work began, the bricks were laid side-by-side forming the new chimney that would be able to keep us warm in the new side of our Cabin and having two working fires in the upcoming winters would become very helpful. During the Hotter days the heat from the stove will no longer be a problem and it will not over heat our sleeping area as it did before. The breezeway allowed for perfect separation of the two rooms in order for cool temperatures to occur. Even though the construction would take a while our family would no longer have to live in a small crowded area and new opportunities could begin.


D. M. Ruiz

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