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CECLEF- Now Offering Free Immigration Consultations on Wednesdays

CECLEF- Now Offering Free Immigration Consultations on Wednesdays

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CALI- Centro de Asistencia Legal al Inmigrante

www.CesarLegacy.org www.AbogadoInmigracionTX.com

Press Conference/ Rueda de Prensa Time: 1:30 PM Date: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013 Place: 1504 E. Commerce The Cesar E. Chavez Service Center contact: Jaime P. Martinez-210-842-9339
~See Message in English Below~

La César E. Chávez Fundación de Legado y la Educación se está expandiendo! Ahora ofrecemos consultas legales gratuitas a las familias de inmigrantes, un servicio que nos hizo falta desde hace mucho tiempo en el Centro de Servicio de César Chávez. Con la ayuda de los abogados de Medina Law Group, PC, comenzará a generar una mayor conciencia en el Condado de Bexar, sobre los programas y logros importantes de la comunidad inmigrante. El objetivo es cumplir con la misión de la Fundación como defensores eficaces, promotores y partidarios de la reforma migratoria, derechos de los inmigrantes y las iniciativas de justicia social y económica. CECLEF se enorgullece en anunciar que cada Miércoles desde las 10 a.m. hasta las 4 p.m., proporcionará consultas legales gratuitas de calidad para las familias de bajos ingresos en San Antonio, Texas. Damos la bienvenida a los abogados de Medina Law Group, P. C. a la familia de la Fundación César E. Chávez, como defensores de los derechos de los inmigrantes. Con este talentoso grupo de abogados probono, estamos listos para el nuevo año, para continuar con la batalla de 2013 en nuestro empeño por una reforma migratoria del sentido común a las pólizas de inmigración en nuestra nación! Por favor, únase a nosotros en nuestra conferencia de prensa este Miércoles! Vamos a discutir nuestra estrategia para continuar esta lucha en el Congreso en 2014.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FREE LEGAL CONSULTATIONS ON WEDNESDAYS The Cesar E. Chavez Legacy and Educational Foundation is expanding! We now offer free legal consultations to immigrant families, a service that is long overdue at the CECLEF Service Center. With the help of the Medina Law Group, P.C., will begin generating an increased awareness in Bexar County, about the important programs and accomplishments of the immigrant

community. The goal is to fulfill the Cesar E. Chavez Legacy and Educational Foundation's mission as effective advocates, promoters and supporters of immigration reform, immigrant rights and social and economic Justice initiatives. CECLEF is proud to announce that each Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm, it will provide quality free legal consultations for low income families in San Antonio, Texas. We welcome the Medina Law Group, P.C. to The Cesar E. Chavez Foundation family of immigrant rights advocates. With this talented group of pro-bono lawyers, we are ready for the new year, to continue the battle of 2013 as we push for Common-Sense reform to our nation's broken immigration policies! Please join us at our press conference this Wednesday! We will discuss our strategy to continue this fight in Congress in 2014.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Jaime Martinez: (210) 842-9339 Renowned Civil Rights and Immigrant Justice Leader Announces Opening of the Centro de Asistencia Legal al Inmigrante (CALI) to Serve San Antonio's Marginalized Communities San Antonio, TX- This Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 1:30 pm, Jaime Martinez, founder and President of the Cesar E. Chavez Leadership and Educational Foundation Service Center (CECLEF or the Center) is proud to announce that the Center will begin offering free legal consultations every Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm at 1504 E. Commerce St., San Antonio 78201. Conducted by Pro-Bono attorneys Cindy Medina and George Chumillo of the Medina Law Group, P.C., the goal is to create a safe environment where Spanish-Speaking and low-income individuals and families can go with legal questions and concerns. Imagine the family that is on the brink of being physically and

emotionally broken apart by the failure of our Congressmembers' to bring Immigration Reform to pass in 2013. For some, a drive to holiday shopping with a broken tail-light could also destroy their opportunity to watch their children graduate from college. "I've been fighting for Latinos and marginalized communities since I was raised in "El Barrio de La Tripa" on the west side of old San Antonio," said Jaime Martinez, the Founder and President of CECLEF, a non-profit/ 501 (c)(3) located on San Antonio's east side. That upbringing helped toughen and prepare the avid trumpet player and organizer who has spent over three decades impacting the moral fabric of what San Antonio is all about: service, social justice, and progress for poor and marginalized communities, especially immigrants. "Since I led my first Cesar Chavez March for Justice in 1996, it has been my dream to help immigrants with quality, pro-bono legal aid. Not a day goes by at the Center, without someone walking through those doors searching for help or answers to personal or emotional challenges," Martinez added. CECLEF has a good reputation in the community for serving the disadvantaged: through the CECLEF Scholarship Fund, their annual Cesar Chavez March for Justice, and decades of fighting for social justice and immigrant rights through skillfully organized protesting and fighting for Common Sense Immigration Reform. Mr. Martinez has a well-documented history as a rare and just man who has saved and enhanced the quality of life for countless San Antonian's. On Wednesday, December 4th, at 1:30 pm, Martinez will announce a special grand opening of the new Centro de Asistencia Legal al Inmigrante (CALI), at the Center's main location on E. Commerce. Attorneys Cindy Medina and George Chumillo will accompany Jaime, along with Adalberto Ruiz, J.D., Dir. of Legal Aid Initiatives at the Center. The Center now offers free legal consultations to immigrants and low-income in the area. Although legal consultations are focused on immigration matters, Imelda Obledo, the manager of the Center also provides resources and solutions to everyday inquiries from paying a light bill to finding scholarships and jobs. CALI's main purpose is to extend high quality legal advice and services to underserved Spanishspeaking communities in the San Antonio area. Through strong advocacy and social justice initiatives, Mrs. Medina, Mr. Chumillo and their pro-bono legal team seek to provide new Americans and nontraditional clients information and opportunities that offer dignity and hope. In support of the CECLEF mission, Martinez invited the managing

partners of the Medina Law Group, P.C. (http://www.AbogadoInmigracionTX.com/) to assist him in increasing the overall sophistication of the Center's ability to provide in depth knowledge and experience to those visiting the center for help. In so doing, this unique legal team intends to begin generating increased awareness in Bexar County about the important programs and accomplishments of the immigrant community by engaging as effective advocates, promoters and supporters of local immigrant rights and social justice initiatives. This collaborative effort will give access to quality legal consultations for Spanish-Speaking and low-income people in San Antonio. Staff from the Medina Law Group, P.C. will coordinate free legal consultations every Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm at CECLEF Service Center located at 1504 E. Commerce St., San Antonio 78201 (www.CesarLegacy.org). Interested attorneys, immigration law paralegals and students are also invited to assist on Wednesdays, please contact Jaime Martinez at (210) 842-9339 for more details. "By helping people in underserved communities to become independent and engaged in civic education, we can continue to make San Antonio a safer and cleaner place to live and work." noted Ernest Martinez, CECLEF Treasurer. Established in 2005, The Cesar E. Chavez Legacy and Educational Foundation was created by Jaime Martinez to help all people make San Antonio a better place to live and work by educating and inspiring San Antonian's in their daily lives. CECLEF's mission is to promote opportunities for people in underserved communities to live a life without fear of the law or the legal system, to push for more space for law-abiding immigrants to flourish and prosper in Texas. "As this office grows and the community becomes aware of the quality legal services we provide, local community and business leaders will see how we engage-in, support, utilize and promote the underserved segment of the community, which is a much needed resource in the San Antonio area." Attorney Cindy Medina concluded. According to Medina and Census numbers, about 10.9 percent of Bexar County residents are Foreign-Born, 42% of those are naturalized citizens.* "That's a lot of people with important immigration questions, some of which are not being answered adequately, stated Adalberto Ruiz. We want the community to know that they can come to the Center for free legal consultations in immigration law and other educational and informative events focused on teaching the community about their

rights. "We want immigrants and U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents to find common-ground at the Center." Ruiz added. "Our approach to community service is a comprehensive one," Martinez continued, "We register voters to keep our sidewalks paved and schools running, and we educate immigrants and low-income communities to keep our small businesses and students achieving." According to 2008 census data, only 38 percent of Hispanics voted in Texas, compared to an average of 50 percent nationwide. Only in Arizona is that number lower. "People often ask why I'd spend my Wednesdays giving pro-bono legal consultations at the Cesar Chavez Center and doing community outreach programs with immigrants?" said attorney George Chumillo, whose background is formed on faith-based advocacy work. "It's because the need is so great and because the spirit of the immigrant story is so vibrant, they are the backbone of our nation, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect." Despite his recent bout with cancer and the well-treaded path of the long-time Cesar Chavez protégé, Jaime Martinez: the seasoned civil rights organizer continues his fight for the advancement of Latinos, immigrants, and all those effected by injustice. Realizing the growing need for quality, compassionate legal consultations in the Spanishlanguage, Jaime decided to spearhead the CALI initiative in San Antonio, TX. Please join CECLEF for it's announcement this Wednesday at 1:30 pm at the Cesar E. Chavez Center. *Source: http://www.city-data.com/county/Bexar_County-TX.html


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