Strength:  It is a specialty good.  It is a high involvement product.  It is durable goods.  Well equipped and trained staff.  Easy availability of spare parts in the market Weakness:  Regional office should be located in mid of Delhi.  No promotional activities by celebrities. Opportunity:  Since it is the second leading competitor it has chance to grow.  High growth rate of the industry.  Encouragement of innovation theory. Threat:  The main threat is from the leading competitor.  Entry of Foreign motors bikes in the market.  Threat of second hand motorcycles.

1. 2. 3. Comparing Bajaj Bikes share in market to Hero Honda & TVs Suzuki Bikes. To study overall advertising strategies of Hero Honda Company. To study overall advertising strategies of Hero Honda Company

Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. The purpose of research is to discover answers to questions though the application of scientific procedures. In short research is art of scientific investigation. Research methodology refers to the tools and methods used for obtaining information for the purpose of the subject under study. The methodology followed for the purpose of finding customers response was Random sample survey. DATA SOURCES    The data was collected from primary as well as secondary sources. The primary data was collected through interviews with the managers and trainee sales officer. Secondary data was collected from articles in various magazines and newspapers and web sites.

RESEARCH APPROACH The approach adopted was a survey with the customers visiting the show room.Company’s servicing centre of Delhi and interview session with management of the company. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT The research instrument used was a questionnaire.

SAMPLING PLAN Sampling Unit: 1. 2. It constituted of people in the age group of 20 and above. Income group of 5,000 and above per month.

Sampling Procedure: The sampling procedure adopted was convenience sampling because of the wide scope of the project

4. newspaper and web sites. The responses to the industrial questionnaire may have been biased. 3. The secondary data is limited to the articles in magazines.WHEELERS MARKET SHARE 14% 13% BAJAJ 24% 49% HERO HONDA TVS OTHER'S . The responses to the customer questionnaire may have been biased.LIMITATIONS 1. TWO. The primary data collected is restricted to only one company in New Delhi. 2.

HMSI’s market share went up from 10.6% marketshare.6% last month. Bajaj Auto’s market share has also fallen 19. registered a dip of 11. .6%.9% in sales in November at 82.09 51.51 12.919 units. This is the first time ever that Bajaj Auto has sunk to third place in monthly two-wheeler sales. the country’s second-largest two-wheeler manufacturer until October. In pole position remains Hero Honda Motor India with 49.222 units.5% to 14. According to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.5% in November last year to 16. Consequently.91 7. compared with HMSI’s 94. Its entry in the bike segment took place only in 2004. and in fourth place is Chennaibased TVS Motor Company with 13.9% during the same period last year. Bajaj Auto chairman and Rajya Sabha member Rahul Bajaj had earlier this month asked in Parliament what steps were being taken by the government for the auto sector as his company is not able to sell vehicles.MAJOR PLAYERS Market Share (in %age) 2006-07 Bajaj Auto Hero Honda TVS Motors OTHER’S 27.68 2007-08 24% 50% 14% 13% Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) piped Bajaj Auto to take the number two position in terms of market share and vehicles sold domestically in November. while Bajaj’s market share fell from 26. Bajaj Auto. HMSI is a 100% subsidiary of Japan’s Honda Motor Company and entered the country in 2000 to manufacture scooters.7%.2% during April-November of the current fiscal against 23.

10.Marketing mix plans SEGMENTATION Demographic Segmentation  Income: Company survey indicates that the segments available for the Bajaj motor bike are the people with monthly income of Rs.000 and above. Students. professionals. etc.  Geographic Segmentation: The potential customers for the Bajaj motor cycle are basically from every regions of India. Servants.  Occupation: All kinds of people are taken into account. . Behavioural segmentation: This segmentation is done considering user status.  Age: The main segmented group for the motorcycle are 18 years and above. brand conscious. Govt. Psychographic segmentation: People purchasing Bajaj’s bikes are very stylish. benefit wise.

TARGETING The proposed targeting people in the age group of 18 years and above with a monthly income of Rs. enthusiasts and socializing and who are either students or retired individuals or may be employed as professionals. who are adventurous.000 and above. but mostly male. government servants or having their own business. . 10.

. It represents the Indian culture and society. That means it’s a member of the Indian family. The add shown by it says “HAMARA BAJAJ”.POSITIONING The image that Bajaj creates in the mind of the customers is the faith.

XCD – 125 DTS . Avenger – 200 DTS .PRODUCT The product offers a service to the customers so as to satisfy their need.i 9. Discover – 135 DTS – i 7.i 6. Pulsar-180 DTS . Pulsar.200 DTS .i 4.Fi 2. Platina – 100 DTS . The details of the various bikes provided by the Bajaj are as follows: 1. And the Indian Consumers have a perception that the Bajaj provides genuine products. which provides a good riding condition. The product provided the Bajaj suites the Indian Roads. Pulsar-150 DTS . Pulsar. Discover – 125 DTS .i 8.220 DTS .i 3.i 5. The product is perfectly designed and the entire switch are well placed.


prices represents the money which the buyer pays to the seller for a product price represents the exchange value of goods and services in terms of money. Price factor has very well been touched by the manufactures. This method is adopted by bajaj auto because the bike market is highly competitive. It represents the amount of money for which a product can be exchanged.PRICES Pricing is an important component of marketing mix of firm. . In other words. The manufactures (Bajaj) are charging very comparatively cheaper prices then their competitors. They price their product according to the cost of production and also by keeping an eye on the price of the competitors of that segment & demand of the product in the market. Price denotes money value of a product. The pricing strategies adopted by bajaj auto Ltd: Competitive Pricing The management of a firm decide to fix the price at the competitive level. Determining the prices of different products of a firm is a very difficult task of the marketing manager. The pricing strategy of the company is very set. Price is all around.

THE PRICE LISTS OF THE VARIOUS BAJAJ BIKES ARE AS FOLLOWS: PRICE LIST FOR PULSAR 220 As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.) 97000 91000 92500 87000 .

500/72.) 80.PRICE LIST FOR PULSAR 200 As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.000/77.500/62.000/- .000/70.000/75.000/- PRICE LIST FOR PULSAR 180 As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.) 70.000/68.

) 77.000/- PRICE LIST FOR AVENGER 200 As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.500/69.PRICE LIST FOR PULSAR 150 As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.000/65.500/60.) 68.000/74.000/69.000/64.000/- .

) 53.000/- PRICE LIST FOR DISCOVER 125 As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.500/ 46.PRICE LIST FOR DISCOVER 135 As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.000/56.000/ 52.500/ 49.500/52.) 59.000/54.000/ - .

500/32.) 50.900/- .900/34.200/32.PRICE LIST FOR XCD 125 As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.000/- PRICE LIST FOR PLATINA As On June 2007-08 City Mumbai Chennai Kolkata New Delhi On Road Price (Rs.500/44.000/48.000/46.) 35.

The company provides good services facilities to its customers through dealer’s service station.L. It is spark plug of the marketing mix. Brink and W. Promotion is the process of communication with the potential customer involving information. advertising. The various promotional activities adopted by bajaj bikes are as follows  Credit & finance schemes  Free services to the consumers  Advertisements on Televisions. It includes all types of personal or in personal communication with customers as well as middleman in distribution. The words of E. The purpose of promotion is to inform. publicity and sales promotion are widely used to inform the people about the availability of product and create among them the desire to buy the products.PROMOTION Promotion is an important part of marketing mix of a business enterprise.T. coupons etc. Newspapers. persuade and influence the prospective customers. Personal selling. Dealers encourage its customers by giving discount. providing 0% interest loan schemes. prices. The various promotional activities adopted by the Bajaj Auto Company. The company provides six free services to its customers in comparison to its competitors. They may sign a celebrity for its promotional activities in recent futures. Magazines  Road Shows . persuasion and influence. Kelly promotion is the coordination of all seller initiated affords to setup channels of information and persuasion to facilitated the sale of a product or service or accepted of an idea. The company has 100crore rupees for its promotional activities out of which 75% is sponsored by the company and 25% from the dealers.

PLACE     There are about many regional offices located in major cities through out the country. The variety products are easily available in showrooms. For the product distribution the company distributes its products through authorized dealers. B-60/61. Naraina Industrial Area.411 035 Tel: 020-7472851 Fax: 020-7407393 email: nvswaminathan@bajajauto. Phase-II NEW DELHI-110028 . REGISTERED OFFICE Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd c/o Bajaj Auto Ltd Akurdi.co. Bajaj Auto Ltd.in NEW DELHI BRANCH BAJAJ AUTO FINANCE LIMITED C/o. There are more than 10. Pune ..000 dealers through out the country.

000 motor cycles per month. Customers prefer because of their fuel efficiency. Out of which they sales 60.11.   The company has 21 regional offices throughout India out of which 10 contains training centres. Customers also prefer because they are stylish. 4. 2. The company has more demand of its product in western region. Customers prefer because they are value added product. Customers prefer because of their performance. Customer: The results from customer survey are as follows: 1. 3.000 vehicles per month.RESULTS Company:  Companies data shows that the company produces approximately 1. .  The main objective of these offices is to pay emphasis to human resource development and provide good services to its customers.

DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION QUESTION1: What physical features made you prefer BAJAJ BIKES? LOOKS BODY BUILD STYLE ALL OF THEM LOOKS BODY BUILT STYLE ALL OF THEM 4 28 8 60 INTERPRETATION The customers look for the over all looks or we can say that they all the physical features while deciding to purchase PULSAR. Also they look towards it as a sturdy body built bike. .

.QUESTION2: What media affected your preference the most? WORD OF MOUTH TELEVISION PRINT MEDIA DEALERS EFFORTS WORD OF MOUTH TELEVISION PRINT MEDIA DEALER EFFORTS 33 66 1 0 INTERPRETATION The customer preference is mostly affected by television advertisements.

QUESTION 3: Did price affect your preference? YES NO YES NO 74 26 INTERPRETATION 74% of customers says that price affect their preference .

QUESTION 4: What mode of payment did you prefer? CASH FINANCE CASH FINANCE 49 51 INTERPRETATION 51% of customer prefers financing and 49% prefer cash payment. .


.QUESTION 6: WHERE DOU YOU SEE BAJAJ BIKES ADVERTISMENT THE MOST? 5% 40% 10% 30% NEWSPAPER 10% MAGZINE30% T. after hording magazine are the source best source to get the information then television then Newspapers and finally other sources.V15% HOARDINGS40% 15% OTHERS 5% NEWSPAPER MAGZINE T.V HORDING ANY OTHER 10% 30% 15% 40% 5% INTERPRETATION: Mostly people get the information from hording.

. The maximum numbers of persons are belonging from the age group of 35yrs to 50yrs.QUESTION 7: Which of the following Age group do you belong ? < 20 YRS 20 YRS TO 35 YRS 35 YRS TO 50 YRS > 50 YRS INTERPRETATION: The above graph shows the information about the different age groups. then above 50yrs after that between 20yrs to 35yrs and finally less than 20 yrs.

QUESTION 8: What is your impression about the following on BAJAJ products? Fully Satisfied Partially Satisfied Unsatisfied INTERPRETATION: The above graph percentage of the consumer’s impression about the various products of the BAJAJ. .

So the customer needs time to study the product as a whole in respect to its performance. so the innovation theory is always appreciable. As it are speciality goods. It will be easy for the customers when required. efficiency etc. so the staff should be well trained. The company should encourage more dealers who would give more emphasis in services of the product.CONCLUSION    Our finding reveals that there is a great amount of market potential for bikes in NCR of Delhi. The findings also reveal that it is a competitive market. Above all the image of the product is that it is a “value added product” and it has “value for money”. It represents the Indian culture …………   .

3. Since the company has targeted the right segments. BAJAJ should regularly look to develop new products and new features among the existing products to face the competition from HERO HONDA. if it starts functioning independently. 2. PULSAR 220 is high price and moreover the client has positioned the bike as “city ride made easy” fuel –efficient bike as a result of which if comes in direct competition with HERO HONDA – KARIZMA. 4. promotional activities should be encouraged through advertisements to attract the male & female segment. but the reason for the low sales of BAJAJ is competition from HEO HONDA. So BAJAJ should also concentrate on this segment as it has great potential. BAJAJ AUTO. Production Chart of BAJAJ 97-98 43% 16% 98-99 99-00 00-01 22% 19% . has to innovate and develop their own technology to support their growth aspirations.RECOMMENDATIONS After the complete analysis of entire assignment we put forward a set of recommendations which are a follows: 1. In order to increase the market share.


Sep. Hero Honda Motor Bajaj Auto Ltd.Table below show the comparative growth rates in the two-wheeler sales for SEPTEMBER 2008: AUTO MOBILE SALES FIGURE Company Name Yamaha Motors India TVS Motor Co. Total April. Royal Enfield Motors LML Limited Kinetic Engg.2006-07 97039 341663 9507 18494 22136 819167 419211 1727217 April-Sep 2007-08 142960 337432 12062 28062 23651 782354 435164 1761685 . ltd.


V E) ANY OTHER QUESTION 7: What is your impression about the following on BAJAJ products? A) Fully Satisfied B) Partially Satisfied C) Unsatisfied .Questionnaire CONSUMER SURVEY NAME :________________ Address: _____________________ QUESTION1: What physical features made you prefer BAJAJ BIKES? A) LOOKS B) BODY BUILT C) STYLE D) ALL OF THEM QUESTION2: What media affected your preference the most? A) WORD OF MOUTH B) TELEVISION C) PRINT MEDIA D) DEALER EFFORTS QUESTION 3: Did price affect your preference? A) YES B) NO QUESTION 4: What mode of payment did you prefer? A) CASH B) FINANCE QUESTION 5: WILL YOU PREFER BAJAJ LAUNCHING A NEW RANGE WHICH CAN SERVE THE PURPOSE OF SERVICE CLASS? A) YES B) NO C) CAN’T SAY QUESTION 6: WHERE DO YOU SEE BAJAJ BIKES ADVERTISMENT THE MOST? A) NEWSPAPER B) MAGZINE D) HORDING C) T.

QUESTION 8: Which other bike would bike you have preferred to buy? Yamaha LML Tvs motors Bajaj QUESTION 9: what is the image of BAJAJ in your mind? Economical Durable Smooth Bike Safe Bike Rough and Tough .

full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management. The project report is submitted towards the partial fulfillment of two year.CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the project work done on Competency Mapping of Bajaj Auto ltd is a bonafide work carried out by Mr.Sanjeev pippal under my supervision and guidance. Name & Sign of Faculty Mr.Rajeesh khare .

M department.G.Declaration I hereby declare that this project report entitled COMPITENCY MAPPING OF BAJAJ AUTO is written and submitted by me under the kind guidance of Mr.G.M – 4THSEM ROLL NO1012201031 .D. RAJNEESH KHARE faculty of P. This project is not copied from any source or other project submitted for similar purpose SANJEEV PIPPAL P.D. The finding and interbretation in the report are based on both primary and secondary data collection.

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