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Grade Level: 10 Overview

Subject: ELA Curriculum Objectives

Duration: 2-3 Classes

Ky's life is a puzzle, the students will have to piece it together.

4.4- use fix-up strategies to clear up confusing parts of a text and adjust reading and viewing rate according to purpose. 6.1- respond to texts regarding issues, themes, and situations, while citing appropriate evidence. 8.2- use note- making, illustrations, and other ways of representing to reconstruct knowledge.

Puzzle pieces
Teacher Guide Ice Breaker/Opener
(Exercise to introduce the topic/bring in focus)

Student Adaptations Materials Needed 

As a class, we will discuss 1 piece of ky's past that has been talked about in the book. Therefore this will lead them on the right path. The students will be broken up into groups of 4-5 to piece together Ky's life.

(Give and/or demonstrate necessary introductory info to subject matter)

(Describe the independent and/or group activity for students to gain better understanding of material)

Once the students have found their pieces, they will make a poster or collage of the pieces showing how they are connected.

If certain students don't work well in groups. An individual portion will be developed for this activity.

Other Resources 

(Activities for further study into content material for students who have completed activities ahead of time.)

Once the project is finalized, they will be handed in with a tiny writ up explaining it. The teacher will redistribute the projects randomly to other groups for assessment. There will be no names on the project so no one knows who they are marking, once finished they will be hung up for the class to see.


(Allow for questions/clarification on the subject from students – reinforce original objectives and lesson purpose)

Poster fair. Students go around the class seeing others posters.

Additional Notes

(Assigned work for remaining class period, homework, or following class i.e. test, project etc)

Rubric will be made as a class to there is a full understanding of how they will be marked. If in the self assessment part, the students are unfair, I will determine the final grade.