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Ecology Project: Part 1: The Biosphere Type your weekly journal entries into a word document and include

photographs of your biosphere. Detailed descriptions are re uired. !rite a conclusion about this closed system "including whether mass was conser#ed$ why plants grew e#en though nothing got in and why water formed on the bottle%. Point total: 1&pts "' for conclusion$ ' for journal entries% Part (: Ecological )ootprint *isit the site:,.php+-).+page+calculators+ Take the student/s ui0 and record how many Earths a population of you would re uire. "( pts% 1lick on the World Footprint link and read the article there. E,plain how 2o#ershoot3 results in 2collapsing fisheries$ diminishing forest co#er$ depletion of fresh water systems$ and the build up of carbon dio,ide emissions.3 "4 pts% !hat other effect is produced and why5 "6 pts% 7ow old will you be in (&6&5 !rite three paragraphs to describe what will your lifestyle in (&6& be like if a% we continue this o#ershoot trend5 B% if we curb this trend and go back to using 1 earth5 Discuss your future home$ future entertainment$ future eating habits and future transportation for both situations. "4 pts% !e saw in our biosphere project that nothing lea#es or comes into a closed system. The earth is more or less a closed system. Discuss what this means in terms of your ecological footprint. "8 pts%