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Bilal Hamad

Figure 1 Reduction in volume of voids, represented by the level of liquid in the graduates, on mixing fine and coarse aggregates

Figure 2 Illustration of the dispersion of aggregates in cohesive concrete mixtures

Prof. Bilal Hamad

Figure 3 Cement and ater contents in relation to maximum si!e of aggregate for air"entrained and non"air"entrained concrete

Figure # Influence of aggregate si!e on 2$"days compressive strength of concretes ith different cement contents

Prof. Bilal Hamad

Figure % &oisture conditions of aggregates

Figure ' (ul) phenomenon of fine aggregate* +a, dry- +b, partially saturated +menisci formation,- +c, fully saturated

Prof. Bilal Hamad

Figure . Crac)ing of concrete from al)ali"silica reactivity