Several well wishers of Nepal also agree with the idea to conserve the Royal institution in Nepal.

For example, veteran leader of B.J.P. Lalkrishna Advani says: 'The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal's identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multi-party democracy'. However at the political level, Indian government has been trying to create nuisance in Nepal's effort to strengthen its nationalism and democracy. Indian leaders must understand that if Nepal due to any reason, is destroyed, India won't get any peace. Forgetting Nepal's background of Hinduism and Buddhism, a democratic country like India, should not work to create anarchy and establish terrorism in Nepal. But why are the United Nations, America and other foreign powers, despite knowing the identity and value of Nepal, are supporting the continuous ruin of this country? But we in Nepal are trying to dig up a well though there already is water in our rivers.

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