King Gyanendra said to keep the hallowed Hindu shrine of Pashupatinath out of dispute and not to tarnish the

image of Nepal as a country where different religions had co-existed in harmony down the ages'. So, the Pashupati temple should not be the place for the party's decision. Almost in 1343 AD in the regime of Licchabi, Muslim ruler Samsuddin, who hailed from Bengal (India) attacked Kathmandu and attacked Pashupatinath temple. After 665 years, more than a hundred Maoists and cadres of YCL (agnostic) broke the lock of the Pashupatinath's main shrine and took the newly appointed priest.It was a matter of regret. Now, since Sep.1st 2009 two priests have beaten by Maoists into the compound of Pashupatinath. The priests were badly injured. Since 300 hundred years, the priests are devoting in Pashupatinath as a pure Hindu but not as Indian. The tradition has been already establishing. Then, who can ovoid the cultural traditions? Cultural traditions can't change by the political Party and constitution. But, now, it is a simple thing for Maoists to beat and thrash. A group of Maoists are active to disturb and abolish the Hindus cultural assets. The priest- Girish Bhatta and Raghavendra Bhatta, are not the problem, but that is the issues of abolishing the Hindu Monarch & Hindu Kingdom from Nepal. Hindus & Buddhists are feeling, without Nepalese monarchy, the culture and Dams, Temples of Nepal and India can't save.

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