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Concept Unit Lesson Plan Unit Working Title: Who am I?

Unit Big Idea (Concept/Theme): Identity Unit Primary Skill focus: Developing voice in writing Week 1 of 4; Plan #1 of 12; [90 mins.] Plan type: _X_ Full-Detail ____Summary Content Requirement Satisfied: Intro Week Critical Learning Objectives (numbered) [from my Unit Preface], followed by Specific Learnings (bulleted) being taught in this lesson: SWBAT: (These differ from the unit. The assessment only answers these lesson objectives) Cognitive (know/understand): 1. Students will know more about their classmates (names and information) 2. Students will understand their goals for the class Affective (feel/value): 3. Students will feel that the teacher and classmates want to know more about them (names and information) 4. Students will feel their interests, needs, and goals matter to the class. Performance (do): 5. Students will be able to name their classmates and teacher 6. Students will discuss information about themselves, classmates, and teacher 7. Students will discuss and write the goals of the English classroom SOLs: 9.1 The student will make planned oral presentations independently and in small groups h) Give impromptu responses to questions about presentation. i) Give and follow spoken directions to perform specific tasks, answer questions, or solve problems. j) Use a variety of strategies to listen actively. k) Summarize and evaluate information presented orally by others Procedures/Instructional Strategies [Note: Any words that represent what I would say directly to students appear in italics.] Beginning Room Arrangement: Students will be seated at tables arranged in a large circle/half circle depending on the size of the classroom. For the first day discussion

purposes, students will be actively listening to each other, therefore being able to see everyones face at one will be beneficial. Students names will be printed on the designated seat at each table. [Changes in this arrangement that become necessary later will be noted in the plan] 1. [20 mins.] Bridge: Do Now: Student Inventory Class attendance Teacher Introduction with PPT Students will enter classroom, find their names, and sit in their assigned seating areas. The Surveys will be waiting for them at their seats Students will complete the Do Now activity which is a student inventory. Ill be able to know more about the students and the information will help with future assessments. While they are working on this, I will take class attendance. (10 mins.) Once the students are finished, I will present a slide show with pictures and interesting/random facts about myself. (10 mins.) Greetings! Hello! I am so excited to meet you all and get this year started. First thing is first, each of you have a survey sitting in front of you. I would like you to fill this out. This is not a test, and there are no wrong answers to these questions. These are simply a way of me getting to know more about you and how I can make this class worthwhile. Fill it out the best you can. While you all are completing them, I will be taking attendance. When you hear your name, make any animal sound so I know youre here and so that we all dont have to listen to the phrase here/present/yeah several times. Students Complete Inventory Awesome! What were going to do next will be interesting and revealing. I want you all to know me. Yes, Im your teacher, and I am the decider of your fatekidding. However, Im also a person with interests that go beyond the classroom. I want you guys to get a better sense of who is teaching you. Present PPT to students Well, know that you know some weird information about me, lets find out some weird information about each other. 2. [20mins.] Step 1: Find Someone Who - Worksheet (12 minutes) Presentation (from worksheet) ( 8 minutes) Students will complete the Find Someone Who.. Worksheet. They will be instructed both on the sheet and by me, that they must remember who the fact is

about, and write something they learned about it. They will be asking their classmates the questions on the sheet (e.x. Name someone who has both a cat and a dog) Once time is up, students will then share the information they have. I will recite the question, and students will answer accordingly. I know you all are dying to know more about your classmates, and if youre not I want you to get excited. This is an exercise where youre finding someone in the room who meets the criteria. For example, try and find someone who has both a cat and a dog, or multiples. Write their name in the question box, and try and find a little information relating to the question. You guys have about 12 minutes to do so, so get started. Be ready to share some of your findings with the class. [Students talk to each other to answer the questions] Okay, time is up, lets hear some of the answers. Remember I want the name and some information, be sure to remember some of the things youre saying, its important. You wouldnt want people to forget about you! [Students respond] Awesome! You all really found out some interesting facts about each other, well done. 3. [10mins.] Step 2: Class Goals Students will write to themselves what their goals are for the class (e.x. I hope to learn___) for 3 minutes. Then students will create a poster as a class to hang up in the room to remind them of their ideas. Were going to switch gears for a moment. Im going to give you a question, and I want you to quietly answer it in writing for about 3 minutes. What are you goals for this English class? [This prompt will also be on the board] Go, you only have 3 minutes! Students write. This is the part where they express themselves. Ok, now were going to take these ideas youve come up with and make a poster to put up in our classroom to remind us of these! 3 Students at a time will come up, grab a marker, and then write their idea. We only have 7 minutes, so try not to dilly dally. 4. [20 mins.] Step 3: Class Expectations Creation

Students will create a list of class expectations together as a class. This list will become the code of conduct for the class and will be made into a poster and hung up in the room for students to refer to. Now were going to create a list of expectations from the class. This may sound hard, but its not. When thinking of ideas, refer to your own personal goals, and the goals of others. Today were only going to create about 5 at most; this is something well work on for the next week. Try and think of how you define respect. What does it look like? What does it sound like? What about working with your classmates or individually? This is just the start. Students come up with some ideas, and I write them on the new poster. Respond accordingly. These are some great ideas, and I think theyll shape our class nicely. Remember, these will stick with us throughout the class, not just for a day or so. 5. [10 mins.] Closure: Exit Slip: Name a classmate, and the interesting fact you learned about them today. Name a goal you have for the class this year. Which of the expectations we created today will you need to work harder towards and why? Students will complete the exit slip before leaving. Thank you so much for a great, wonderful, stupendous, awesome first day. Before you leave today, take out a sheet of paper and answer the following questions. Tomorrow well continue building our class expectations and getting to know each other. Tomorrow, well take a peek at the syllabus as well. Enjoy the rest of your day and see you all tomorrow.

Methods of Assessment: Formative: 1. Find Someone Who Worksheet (Obj. 1,3,5,6 and SOL 9.1 h), i), j)) Students will be finding students who match the information criteria of the prompts on a worksheet (someone with blonde hair). This will help with names and personal interests. 2. Class Expectation Creation (Obj. 2,4,7) Students will create the class expectations as a class to frame the entire course. Students will always refer to these throughout the course. Summative: 3. Exit Slip (Obj. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Students will exemplify that they learned something from this class by answering direct questions pertaining to the activities they did. Differentiated Instruction to accommodate one or more of my profiled students: Pilar: I will know beforehand about Pilars status and use today to really gage her performance with English in class. Maybe shes more fluent than I know, or vice versa. If she needs help, Ill be able to address her promptly due to the nature of the class, and make adjustments for future lessons. Today, I get to know what she can do as is. She can work on relationships with others to further any need for assistance she may require. Derrick: Derrick has the opportunity to talk and socialize, since he gets along with so many of the students. He can get a feel about the community, and not focus too much on his reading level and how others perceive him. A trusting classroom climate can often make students who are not as affluent as others in reading feel more comfortable with their status (as seen in a 4882 experience). Materials Needed: Student Name Cards (provided by teacher on each desk) Writing utensils Handouts: Student Inventory, Find Someone Who worksheet Paper (for writing activities) Posters and markers (creating goals and expectations) Ms. Wilson Slideshow (PPT) Materials Appendix: (e.g., supplementary texts, Ppts, overheads, graphic organizers, handouts, etc.)

Find Someone Who:

has a pet. likes very spicy food. takes baths instead of showers. bites his/her fingernails.

at McDonalds in the last week.

is left handed.

owns more than 2 watches.

lived abroad. (not in U.S.)

drank coffee at breakfast today.

has a celebrity autograph.

speaks more than 2 languages.

was born in January.

is a vegetarian.

does not like broccoli.


wears socks to bed.

is afraid of spiders.

wakes up early.

cant swim.

plays sports.