Leanne Sophie Fitches Address: Flat 034, Room 006, Fleming Hall, Brunel University, U !

ri"ge, #i""lese , UB$ %&R Telephone: 0'(400'(3)( Email: lsfitches@talktalk.net D.O.B: )3*03*)++3

OBJECTIVE: 3r" year un"ergra"uate seeking ,ork e -erience ,ithin &heatre an"*or Film . &/. 0vaila!le from 1e"nes"ay to Fri"ay an" also at ,eeken"s. EM LO!ME"T Fe#r$ar% &''( • • • • Scall%)a*s Da% "$rser%+ Oa,ham -or, E.perience

1orke" ,ith a grou- of %0 chil"ren age" %2( 3evelo-e" the a!ility to interact ,ith the chil"ren 4earne" ho, to organise activities an" story time 4earne" ho, to encourage the chil"ren to share an" -lay together Fords o2 Oa,ham+ Oa,ham Sales Assistant

Septem#er '/ 0 J$l% 11 • • • • •

5-erate a till in or"er to !e a!le to serve customers !uying -ro"ucts 3evelo-e" a goo" un"erstan"ing an" kno,le"ge of the -ro"ucts in or"er to -rovi"e hel- an" a"vice to the customers 3evelo-e" customer service skills, greeting an" communicating ,ith customers 6ho,e" fle a!ility !y ,orking in "ifferent "e-artments in the store 0!ility to "eal ,ith customer 7ueries an" com-laints 3air Desi*n+ Oa,ham Sales Assistant

J$ne 0 A$*$st 1& • • • •

3evelo-e" an un"erstan"ing of the ,ay to communicate ,ith "ifferent clients 3evelo-e" the a!ility to ans,er calls in the right manner an" !ook clients a--ointments 6ho,e" fle i!ility !y cleaning the salon an" taking calls, ,hile also ,ashing clients hair 8aine" e cellent time management skills ,hile ,ashing hair, to ensure clients are rea"y on time for their hair to !e cut

ED4CATIO" Septem#er 11 0 J$ne 15 Septem#er '/ 0 J$l% 11 Septem#er '7 0 J$l% '/ Br$nel 4ni6ersit%+ 4.#rid*e+ London B0 9Hons: &heatre an" Film an" &elevision 6tu"ies Broo,s#% Melton Colle*e B&;< =ational 3i-loma in #usical &heatre 93##: Vale o2 Catmose Colle*e 8<6;>s? )0 at 02<

S8ILLS • • • • • • • • • 3ance? @aAA, <ontem-orary, #usical &heatre Horse Ri"ing ; cellent customer service? customer focusse" em-loyment 6-orts? Ba"minton, Foot!all, Hockey, Roun"ers an" <ricket <om-etent #icrosoft 1or" user an" 5-en5ffice Bnteract effectively ,ith chil"ren 0!le to achieve targets an" "ea"lines ,ithin em-loyment &eam,ork? enCoy ,orking as -art of a team as ,ell as in"e-en"ently <reate collages an" scra-!ooks

I"TE9ESTS : AC3IEVEME"TS • • • B -lay Ba"minton every ,eek ,ith a fe, of my frien"s to kee- fit B took -art in the Douth 8ames in %006 re-resenting Rutlan" at <ricket, in ,hich ,e came 3r" B hel-e" to organise many charity events in the community ,hile at home for the summer. &hese events inclu"e" an 5-en #ic =ightE ,ith many -eo-le signing u- to -erform an" a 3arts marathon ,here a team of -eo-le -laye" "arts continuously for )% hours. By organising these events an" everyone in them, this im-rove" my time management skills Bn %00+ B achieve" a 6-orts 4ea"ers UF 4evel ) 0,ar" in 3ance 4ea"ershi-. &his involve" creating a "ance ,ith 4 other -eo-le an" then going into a local -rimary school to teach a class of chil"ren the "ance you create" Bn %00+ B also achieve" a 6-orts 4ea"er UF 4evel ) 0,ar" in 6-orts 4ea"ershi-. &his involve" teaching a short s-ort*,arm u- class to a class of chil"ren Bn %0)0 B took -art in =B #usic>s 1icke" the musical, ,hich ,as a summer #usical &heatre -rogramme involving -eo-le of various ages u- to )$ 5ver t,o "ays in #ay %0)0 B ,as an e tra in an a"vert for a restaurant calle" <anas D &a-as in 4eicester B took -art in a Billy ;lliot singing master class ,ith &he Grofessionals? Gerformance #aster <lasses in %0)) ,hile at college, ,hich ,as le" !y a mem!er of the ;nsem!le of the Billy ;lliot 1est ;n" cast 5ver the -ast 4 years B have taken -art in various "ifferent sho,s at University, <ollege an" ,ithin the community. &hese inclu"e musicals such asE Footloose an" Fame, -lays such as Gool? =o ,ater an" &he 3arling Bu"s of #ay, various "ance an" acting sho,s, as ,ell as Gantomines, inclu"ingE Ro!inson <rusoe an" Ba!es in &he 1oo". 0ll of the Gantomines an" &he 3arling Bu"s of #ay inclu"e" chil"ren age" $2)6. Bn %0)3 B -laye" the lea" role of 0m!er in Britain>s 8ot 6u-erheroes, ,hich ,as an amatuer film

• • • •

9EFE9E"CES: I am happ% to s$ppl% these on re;$est