Albany County Charter Review Commission Harold L. Joyce Albany County Office Building 11 !tate !treet" Room # $ Albany" %ew &or' 1 $() $ 1

Charter Review Commi io! See" #$b%ic Comme!t at &$i%'er%a!' ($ tice Co$rt o! December 11th
*he Albany County Charter Review Commission +,Commission-. was established to evaluate and review the Albany County Charter +,Charter-." which has been in /lace since 10(#. *he Commission is charged with considering and recommending /otential changes to the Charter to im/rove efficiency" /erformance and" accountability. *he Commission is com/osed of 11 volunteer County residents a//ointed by the County Legislature. On 1ecember 11" $12" the Commission will convene at 3uilderland *own Court from #42$ /.m. to 542$ /.m. 1uring the meeting" the Commission welcomes any and all /ublic comment on the County Charter" including /ossible amendments and revisions. *he e6isting Charter may be found at htt/477albanycounty.l/staging.net78iles7ACCharter./df9. :ersons wishing to ma'e oral /resentations to the Commission at this meeting should advise the Commission;s <ice)Chair" =illow Baer" by e)mail +wbaer>2? or tele/hone +?15.#$?.?? (.. Oral /resentations are limited to 1$ minutes each. *he /ublic is also invited to submit any written comments to the Commission by 1ecember 11" $12 at 542$ /.m. An order to further /ubliciBe this meeting" /lease inform interested /arties and organiBations of the Commission;s interest in hearing from all sources. *he 3uilderland Justice Court is in the 3uilderland *own Hall" at ? $0 =estern *urn/i'e +Route $." 3uilderland" %ew &or' 1 $5>. C

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