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Lesson Plan #4

Constitution Stations II
Students learn in unique way, and it should not be concluded that lesson plans should only satisfy the needs of a select few. This lesson divides stations according to the Multiple Intelligences theory. By learning about the Constitution and historic impacts of said Constitution in musical, literary, naturalistic, or intrapersonal manners, students are e posed to a plethora of ways in how to perceive the content, hopefully in a means that pea!s their personal learning style.

Content/Knowledge: ". Students will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the ## nd $mendment #. Students will be able to evaluate the role intelligence agencies play in society today %. Students will be able to discern an answer from reading a word problem &. Students will be able to e plain the legislative history of the "% th amendment '. Students will be able to analy(e the concept of personal property ). Students will be able to analy(e a Meme and discern social commentary Process/Skills: ". Students will be able to discuss questions based on a video or a prompt in a small group setting #. Students will be able to summari(e the message of an article %. Students will be able to summari(e the message of a video clip Values/Dispositions: ". Students will be able to identify with certain learning styles #. Students will be able to e plain the mindset of historical characters

State Illinois Learning Standards ". "*.C.&a + plain the ability of modern technology to alter geographic features and the impacts of these modifications on human activities. #. ",.C.%b + plain how diverse groups have contributed to -.S. social systems over time. %. ").B.%c .-S/ 0escribe the way the Constitution has changed over time as a result of amendments and Supreme Court decisions. &. "&.1.%a $naly(e historical influences on the development of political ideas and practices as enumerated in the 0eclaration of Independence, the -nited States Constitution, the Bill of 2ights and the Illinois Constitution. '. "&.0.& $naly(e roles and influences of individuals, groups and media in shaping current debates on state and national policies. ). "&.$.& $naly(e how local, state and national governments serve the purposes for which they were created National National Council or t!e Social Studies Standards
". #. %. TIM+, C34TI4-IT5, $40 C6$47+ 839+2, $-T632IT5, $40 73:+24$4C+ CI:IC I0+$;S $40 82$CTIC+S

National National Standards or "istor# ". CCSS.+;$<;iteracy.26.)<,.# 0etermine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source= provide an accurate summary of the source distinct from prior !nowledge or opinions. #. CCSS.+;$<;iteracy.26.)<,.' 0escribe how a te t presents information .e.g., sequentially, comparatively, causally/. Ci$ics and %o$ern&ent National Standards
'( +( ,( 4( )!at are t!e essential c!aracteristics o li&ited and unli&ited go$ern&ent* )!at are t!e nature and purposes o constitutions* )!at are t!e distincti$e c!aracteristics o -&erican societ#* )!at ci$ic dispositions or traits o pri$ate and pu.lic c!aracter are i&portant to t!e preser$ation and i&pro$e&ent o -&erican constitutional de&ocrac#*

%eograp!# national Standards '( Standard ,( "ow to anal#/e t!e spatial organi/ation o people0 places0 and en$iron&ents on 1art!2s sur ace( +( Standard 3( "ow culture and e4perience in luence people2s perceptions o places and regions( ,( Standard '5( "ow to appl# geograp!# to interpret t!e present and plan or t!e uture

Syntax Procedures



Logical/6at!e&atical: a( 7eac!er Instructions ". 8ass out copies of 0ocument &<' #. Instruct student to read the word problems on 0ocument &<' %. $s a group, have students figure out the answers to the problems a. Students are allowed to use their Constitution Study guide and a te tboo! for reference .( 8esource ". 0ocument &<' #. Constitution Study 7uide %. Te tboo!. c( Student -cti$it# ". Students will read the word problems on 0ocument &<' #. Students, as a group, will discern what the answers are to the questions %. Students can use their personal Constitution Study guides and te tboo!s as a reference tool Visual/Spatial: a( 7eac!er Instructions ". 8ass out copies of 0ocument &<% #. 6ave students read the prompt at the top of the page %. 6ave students analy(e the four Memes parodying the 4S$ scandal &. 6ave students discuss as a group the discussion questions listed on 0ocument &<% i. Summarize the NSA scandal of 2013 ii. Do institutions like the NSA and other federal intelligence agencies violate the Fourth Amendment? .( 8esource ". 0ocument &<%




Student -cti$it# ". Students will read the prompt on 0ocument &<% #. Students will analy(e the four Memes on 0ocument &<% %. Students will evaluate the message from each of the Memes &. Students will discuss as a group the discussion questions listed on 0ocument &<% 9od#/Kinest!etic: a( 7eac!er Instructions ". -tili(e a large are, either a hallway, gymnasium, or outside #. Mar! twenty<seven .#*/ mar!ers upon a line, three feet between each mar!er %. +ach mar!er will represent the twenty<seven .#*/ constitutional amendments &. 6ave a master list of all the amendments handy '. 0ivide the class into two groups ). +ach group will assign one group member per team per round to compete *. Instructor will read a description of a constitutional amendment. Students, when instructed, must be the first to run to the corresponding mar!er that meets the definition read by the instructor i. + ample> If the summary was ?this amendment states a president cannot serve more than two terms@, students must race to the ## mar!er first, since it is describing the ## nd $mendment .( 8esource ". ;arge area #. Trac! mar!ers .e . cones/ %. Master list of amendments c( Student -cti$it# ". Students will listen to the description read by the instructor #. Students will decipher how far they need to run to match the instructors definition %. Students will race against their adversary group member 6usical/8!#t!&ic: a( 7eac!er Instructions ". 8lay the 5ouTube clip :ideo &<" a. :ideo % is a ?School 6ouse 2oc!@ song about the +lectoral College #. Instruct students to listen to the video one or two times %. $fter hearing the song, have students summari(e the main message of the song .( 8esource ". ;aptop #. :ideo % c( Student -cti$it# ". Students will play the 5ouTube clip :ideo &<" #. Students will listen to the song in the video %. Students will replay the video .if needed/ &. Students will summari(e the message of the video with their group members Naturalist: a( 7eac!er Instructions ". 8lay the 5ouTube clip :ideo &<# #. Stop the video at A,>"A %. 6ave students discuss the following discussion questions a. hat !as the main idea of this video? ". #an someone o!n a $art of the moon? h% or !h% not? c. hat !as the moon $ro$ert% treat% "ased on? d. as $rivate $ro$ert% im$ortant to the founding fathers e. here in the #onstitution does it mention $rivate $ro$ert% or individual rights f. Should governments decided $ro$ert% rules& or should it "e decided locall%? g. Should eminent domain still e'ist toda%? .( 8esource ". Computer #. :ideo &<#





Student -cti$it# ". Students will watch the 5ouTube clip :ideo &<# #. Students will discuss, as a group, the discussion questions posed by the instructor. Interpersonal: a( 7eac!er Instructions ". 8ass out copies of 0ocument &<" a. 0ocument &<" e plains the legislative and cultural history of the "%th $mendment #. Instruct students to read the article silently %. $fter reading the article, have students answer the discussion questions, on the bac! side of 0ocument &<", as a group a. hat is the message from this article? ". h% is the 13th Amendment deemed more effective than the (manci$ation )roclamation? c. h% !as $assing the 13th Amendment im$ortant for the *nion? d. h% did )resident +incoln $ush so aggressivel% to get #ongressional $assage for this Amendment "efore his second term "egan in ,arch 1-./ .( 8esource ". 8rimary andBor secondary source documentBmaterials. c( Student -cti$it# ". 0escribe active student learning activity. Intrapersonal: a( 7eac!er Instructions ". 8ass out copies of 0ocument &<#$ and 0ocument &<#B #. 6ave students read the article on 0ocument &<#B about the ##nd $mendment and the e istence of lame duc! presidential terms %. 6ave students read the prompt on 0ocument &<#$ &. Instruct students to read and thin! internally about the questions listed on 0ocument &< #$ a. What is the message of the article? b. ave !residents enjoyed successful second terms? "ive exam!les. c. ave !residents suffered frustrating second terms? "ive exam!les. I#$%&P'%SO#&( d. )oes the **nd &mendment really ma+e the !resident ,ea+er? i. If yes- is that a good or bad thing? e. Should the **nd &mendment be abolished? i. If yes- ,hat ,ould be the conse.uences? .( 8esource ". 0ocument &<#$ #. 0ocument &<#B c( Student -cti$it# ". Students will read the article on 0ocument &<#B about the ##nd $mendment and the e istence of lame duc! presidential terms #. Students will read the prompt on 0ocument &<#$ %. Students will read the discussion questions on 0ocument &<#$ &. Student will internally reflect on the discussion questions a( 7eac!er Instructions ". 8ass out copies of 0ocument &<& a. 0ocument &<& as! students to read si .)/ e cerpts from the -.S. Constitution b. -nder each e cerpt are three lines or students to fill out #. Instruct students to read the prompt at the top of 0ocument &<& %. Instruct students to read the constitutional e cerpts on the document &. 6ave students rephrase the ",th century language into words they can better understand a. Students can either rephrase the sentences, or list !ey points that will help them remember the main idea of each e cerpt


.( c(

8esource ". 0ocument &<& #. 0ictionaries .if needed/ Student -cti$it# ". Students will read the prompt on 0ocument &<& #. Students will read the si .)/ e cerpts from the -.S. Constitution %. Students will rephrase or paraphrase the e cerpts into easier to understand language

%esources 3Source 4itations 5 6oo+mar+s7

/ideo 012

!ttp://www(#outu.e(co&/watc!*$<o#I=> ,?"+4

/ideo 01*


)ocument 012

Dec .& 1-./0

The 13th Amendment is ratified Cn t!is da# in '53:0 t!e ',t! -&end&ent to t!e D(S( Constitution0 o iciall# ending t!e institution o sla$er#0 is rati ied( ENeit!er sla$er# nor in$oluntar# ser$itude0 e4cept as a punis!&ent or cri&e w!ereo t!e part# s!all !a$e .een dul# con$icted0 s!all e4ist wit!in t!e Dnited States0 or an# place su.Fect to t!eir Furisdiction(E )it! t!ese words0 t!e single greatest c!ange wroug!t .# t!e Ci$il )ar was o iciall# noted in t!e Constitution(
7!e rati ication ca&e eig!t &ont!s a ter t!e end o t!e war0 .ut it represented t!e cul&ination o t!e struggle against sla$er#( )!en t!e war .egan0 so&e in t!e Nort! were against ig!ting w!at t!e# saw as a crusade to end sla$er#( -lt!oug! &an# nort!ern De&ocrats and conser$ati$e 8epu.licans were opposed to sla$er#2s e4pansion0 t!e# were a&.i$alent a.out outlawing t!e institution entirel#( 7!e war2s escalation a ter t!e =irst 9attle o 9ull 8un0 Virginia0 in Gul# '53' caused &an# to ret!ink t!e role t!at sla$er# pla#ed in creating t!e con lict( 9# '53+0 Lincoln reali/ed t!at it was oll# to wage suc! a

.lood# war wit!out plans to eli&inate sla$er#( In Septe&.er '53+0 ollowing t!e Dnion $ictor# at t!e 9attle o -ntieta& in 6ar#land0 Lincoln issued t!e 1&ancipation Procla&ation0 declaring t!at all sla$es in territor# still in re.ellion on Ganuar# '0 '53,0 would .e declared ore$er ree( 7!e &o$e was largel# s#&.olic0 as it onl# reed sla$es in areas outside o Dnion control0 .ut it c!anged t!e con lict ro& a war or t!e reuni ication o t!e states to a war w!ose o.Fecti$es included t!e destruction o sla$er#( Lincoln .elie$ed t!at a constitutional a&end&ent was necessar# to ensure t!e end o sla$er#( In '5340 Congress de.ated se$eral proposals( So&e insisted on including pro$isions to pre$ent discri&ination against .lacks0 .ut t!e Senate Gudiciar# Co&&ittee pro$ided t!e e$entual language( It .orrowed ro& t!e Nort!west Crdinance o ';5;0 w!en sla$er# was .anned ro& t!e area nort! o t!e C!io 8i$er( 7!e Senate passed t!e a&end&ent in -pril '534( - 8epu.lican $ictor# in t!e '534 presidential election would guarantee t!e success o t!e a&end&ent( 7!e 8epu.lican plat or& called or t!e Eutter and co&plete destructionE o sla$er#0 w!ile t!e De&ocrats a$ored restoration o states2 rig!ts0 w!ic! would include at least t!e possi.ilit# or t!e states to &aintain sla$er#( Lincoln2s o$erw!el&ing $ictor# set in &otion t!e e$ents leading to rati ication o t!e a&end&ent( 7!e "ouse passed t!e &easure in Ganuar# '53: and it was sent to t!e states or rati ication( )!en %eorgia rati ied it on Dece&.er 30 '53:0 t!e institution o sla$er# o iciall# ceased to e4ist in t!e Dnited States(

2. What is the message from this article? *. Why is the 28th &mendment deemed more effective than the 'manci!ation Proclamation? 8. Why ,as !assing the 28th &mendment im!ortant for the 9nion? 0. Why did President (incoln !ush so aggressively to get 4ongressional !assage for this &mendment before his second term began in :arch 2;<=

)ocument 01*& In 1797, George Washington left the White House, having not seeked reelection in the 1796 election. Washingtons actions set a precedent for future presidents, to leave the Office of residenc! peacefull! after serving a "a#i"u" of t$o ter"s. %he onl! e#ception $as $ith resident &ranklin 'oosevelt, $ho served four consecutive ter"s, fro" 19(()19*+. ,fter his presidenc!, -ongress passed the ..nd ,"end"ent, $hich legall! states a president can onl! serve a "a#i"u" of t$o ter"s, and no "ore Ho$ever, there are certain critics $ho clai" the ..nd ,"end"ent is unhelpful. /! setting the precedent that a president cannot serve "ore than t$o ter"s, the second ter" of a president can so"eti"es 0e referred to as a 1la"e duck2 ter". If politicians do not like the president, all the! have to do is $ait the person out until the ne#t election. In a $a!, it "akes the president left po$erful in their second ter" 0ecause ever!0od! kno$s the person in charge has a legal e#piration date on their po$er. %herefore, so"e argue the ..nd ,"end"ent "eans little $ork happening in the second ter". 'ead the follo$ing article and decide $hether or not !ou agree $ith the "essage. ,lso $hile !ou are reading, think a0out the follo$ing 3uestions individuall!.

What is the "essage of the article4 Have presidents en5o!ed successful second ter"s4 Give e#a"ples.

Have presidents suffered frustrating second ter"s4 Give e#a"ples. 6oes the ..nd ,"end"ent reall! "ake the president $eaker4 o If !es, is that a good or 0ad thing4 7hould the ..nd ,"end"ent 0e a0olished4 )ocument 01*6 o If !es, $hat $ould 0e the conse3uences4
Presidential (ame )uc+s 6an# la&e duck presidents tra$el a.road in t!e !opes o esta.lis!ing peace in order to lea$e a legac# in t!eir wake as t!e# lea$e o ice( President %eorge )( 9us! undertook suc! a trip w!en !e $isited t!e 6iddle 1ast or t!e irst ti&e as president in Ganuar# +BB5( 8onald 8eagan &et wit! t!en So$iet pre&ier 6ik!ail!e$ to inali/e t!e end o t!e Cold )ar( Ct!er presidents work e$eris!l# to get new legislation pus!ed t!roug!( -nd ot!er la&e duck presidents can si&pl# .e downrig!t nast# as t!e# prepare to lea$e o ice( Cne action t!at a la&e duck president can take Hand traditionall# doesI is to issue presidential pardons( -lt!oug! presidents !a$e t!e power to issue pardons eac! #ear0 t!e ones t!at co&e out o a la&e duck2s o ice can .e particularl# scandalous( President %eorge "()( 9us! pardoned so&e or&er )!ite "ouse sta ers w!o were in$ol$ed in t!e IranAContra a air t!at took place w!ile 9us! was $iceApresident Jsource:7!e IndependentK( Cn !is last da# in o ice on Gan( +B0 +BB'0 President 9ill Clinton issued scores o pardons0 including or !is .rot!er and t!e !us.and o one o !is undraisers Jsource: Depart&ent o GusticeK( President Gi&&# Carter was al&ost a.le to pull t!e $er# t!orn ro& !is side t!at !ad cost !i& t!e 'L5B election: t!e Iran !ostage crisis( 9e ore !e le t o ice in Ganuar# 'L5'0 Carter $owed to end t!e 444Ada# !ostage situation t!at ollowed t!e siege o t!e -&erican e&.ass# in 7e!ran in 'L;; .e ore !e le t o ice( Cn !is last ull da# in o ice0 Carter worked t!roug!out t!e nig!t in an e ort to inali/e negotiations( "e Fust &issed !is &ark0 !owe$erM t!e !ostages were released onl# a ew &inutes a ter 8eagan was sworn in as President Jsource: P9SK( Presidential la&e ducks can also pull surprises ro& t!eir slee$es0 too( 8epu.lican president 8onald 8eagan signed Ea .ig wel are .illE .e ore lea$ing o ice Jsource: )all Street GournalK( -nd so&eti&es la&e ducks can .e luck# ducks( In '5B'0 la&e duck president Go!n -da&s was presented wit! a $acanc# in t!e Supre&e Court AAappointing a Fustice is a c!ance to lea$e a legac#( -da&s appointed Gustice Go!n 6ars!all Jsource: Supre&e Court "istor#K( La&e duck presidents &a# get creati$e wit! t!eir power during t!eir last #ear in o ice( -cti$it# &a# increase: 7!e Carter ad&inistration issued +40BBB pages o new regulations on its wa# outM Clinton le t +30BBB pages( 9# doing so0 a president .uries !is successor in a &ountain o paperwork0 e ecti$el# Ee4tending !is in luence .e#ond t!e li&it o !is ter&E Jsource: 9oston Dni$ersit#K( Clinton also was accused .# t!e succeeding ad&inistration o %eorge )( 9us! o re&o$ing all o t!e E)Es ro& t!e co&puter ke#.oards in t!e )!ite "ouse Jsource: 9oston Dni$ersit#K(

So&eti&es0 a president no longer !as t!e .acking to get t!e t!ings done t!at !e2d like to in !is last #ear( "arr# S( 7ru&an2s appro$al rating was so low at t!e end o !is presidenc# H++ percentI Jsource: National GournalK t!at !e si&pl# got on a train and went !o&e at t!e end o !is ter& Jsource: 7!e "ouston C!ronicleK( 1$er# president wants to end !is presidenc# on a !ig! noteM not all do( So&e are &ore Ela&eE t!an ot!ers( 9ut as De&ocrat senator Patrick Lea!# put it in +BB;0 ENo president is e$er a la&e duck( "e2s still presidentE Jsource: National GournalK( 8ead &ore a.out -&erican politics and ot!er related topics on t!e ne4t page(

)ocument 018
!ttp://people(!owstu works(co&/la&eAduckApresident+(!t&

In the digital age that we live in today, political cartoons have somewhat been replaced by social media Memes. Review the following memes about the recent NSA scandal. Then, as a group, discuss the message of each of these memes. hat is the NSA scandal all about! In addition, discuss with your group whether or not you believe the NSA and other federal intelligence groups violate the "ourth Amendment of the #onstitution.

)ocument 010

Reword the following e$cerpts from the #onstitution into language an average %th grader could understand. Rephrase sentences or list the main ideas from the e$cerpts.

-ll 9ills or raising 8e$enue s!all originate in t!e "ouse o 8epresentati$esM .ut t!e Senate &a# propose or concur wit! -&end&ents as on ot!er 9ills(

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

No State s!all enter into an# 7reat#0 -lliance0 or Con ederationM grant Letters o 6ar>ue and 8eprisalM coin 6one#M e&it 9ills o CreditM &ake an# 7!ing .ut gold and sil$er Coin a 7ender in Pa#&ent o De.tsM pass an# 9ill o -ttainder0 e4 post acto Law0 or Law i&pairing t!e C.ligation o Contracts0 or grant an# 7itle o No.ilit#(

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

No Person e4cept a natural .orn Citi/en0 or a Citi/en o t!e Dnited States0 at t!e ti&e o t!e -doption o t!is Constitution0 s!all .e eligi.le to t!e C ice o President

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

- Person c!arged in an# State wit! 7reason0 =elon#0 or ot!er Cri&e0 w!o s!all lee ro& Gustice0 and .e ound in anot!er State0 s!all on De&and o t!e e4ecuti$e -ut!orit# o t!e State ro& w!ic! !e led0 .e deli$ered up0 to .e re&o$ed to t!e State !a$ing Gurisdiction o t!e Cri&e(

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

7!e Dnited States s!all guarantee to e$er# State in t!is Dnion a 8epu.lican =or& o %o$ern&ent0 and s!all protect eac! o t!e& against In$asionM and on -pplication o t!e Legislature0 or o t!e 14ecuti$e Hw!en t!e Legislature cannot .e con$enedI0 against do&estic Violence(

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

7reason against t!e Dnited States0 s!all consist onl# in le$#ing )ar against t!e&0 or in ad!ering to t!eir 1ne&ies0 gi$ing t!e& -id and Co& ort( No Person s!all .e con$icted o 7reason unless on t!e 7esti&on# o two )itnesses to t!e sa&e o$ert -ct0 or on Con ession in open Court(

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

)ocument 01=
Don is thirty-two years old. He was born in Israel, but moved to the United States when he was five years old. Is 6on 3ualified to run for resident of the 8nited 7tates 9#plain $h! or $h! not.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Samantha be!ame the "i!e #resident of the United States in $%$1, after she and her runnin& mate, 'amon, won the $%$% ele!tion. Samantha remained vi!e (resident when she and 'amon won the $%$) (residential ele!tion. She was then sworn in a&ain as vi!e (resident in $%$*. Unfortunately, #resident 'amon died in a !ar !rash in $%$+, ma,in& her the automati! (resident. -ow, #resident Samantha ran and won the $%$. (residential ele!tion on her own merit, ma,in& it her first term as ele!ted (resident. resident 7a"antha $ould like to run in the .;(. election for reelection. ,ccording to the -onstitution, is this possi0le 9#plain $h! or $h! not. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: /andidate Drew Dou&lass is runnin& for #resident of the United States. After a lon& !am(ai&n trail it is finally ele!tion ni&ht. 0y the end of the ni&ht, the news media re(orts that Dou&lass s!ored 112 ele!toral votes . Is this enough votes to $in the presidenc!4 34(lain why or why not ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A!!ordin& to new rules set by the U.S. Senate, there only needs to be a vote of *15 a((roval to end a filibuster 6an a!t where a senator !an tal, and tal, for as lon& as they want so that other (eo(le !annot vote on a (arti!ular bill7. Senator 8illiams, a 'e(ubli!an, has been filibusterin& for seven hours. The Demo!rats would li,e to end his filibuster. At the time, there are ei&hty-two senators (resent that day. A vote to end the filibuster is !ondu!ted. Thirty-five senators vote to end the filibuster. Is this enough votes to end the fili0uster4 9#plain $h! or $h! not4 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::