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YoReparo Scales and Registers Scales [Solved] Error 999 avery berkel l115 vascular

[Solved] Error 999 avery berkel l115 vascular

11/5/2010 2:49 PM I get one mark avery berkel L115 vasculature in which since the error 999 catches and locks it does not let you manipulate anything because there is not much information available on diagrams, code errors and faults, and not to start. if someone already go through this from appreciate your help. cibu1

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28/5/2010 2:07 PM I am delighted to be of assistance. Whatever you need to tilt here I am. luisubeda206 SOLUTION 12/5/2010 3:02 PM The error 999 is caused by failure in the RAM, possibly the batteries have been discharged within. changed the batteries once you restart the viewer, for this you have to activate the setup during startup. few years ago I think I uploaded one manually if you do not find give me a warning and I guided for operating it luisubeda206 ATTENDED THE SOLUTION 12/5/2010 5:17 PM Hey thank you very much, but I changed the batteries and still the same, but not as ingrerar to SETOP and look and manuals for this model (l115) and find nothing, I would greatly appreciate if you support me in this, regards from xalapa Veracruz. cibu1 13/5/2010 3:45 a.m. Okay, I need to know the maximum range of the scale and the stair, it is also important to know if you carry printer (internal or external), ie few details know better, because we have to set everything up (if using handicaps etc). luisubeda206 ATTENDED THE SOLUTION 17/5/2010 11:24 PM luisubeda20 excuse me, but could not connect, look at the data that I found were: min = 4 kg max = 1000 kg e = 0.2 kg if you have a printer port but do not use it and also sometimes take tare, about what the stair not that is how will the base? hope you read my message and not too late. MANY THANKS AND GREETINGS. cibu1 18/5/2010 3:56 PM Well let's do this. connect the indicator to the scale and put in function. whenever get the error press the key that has a triangle with a circle inside and hit 753 quick intro 1818 intro (intro is the return key indicator) display now 01-01 sets to initialize everything and clear all errors do the following: press 1 to 4 intro 50 intro (can it beeps or something then put 02-01) 01-04 press intro 75 intro (can it beeps or something then puts 02-01) 01-04 press intro 99 intro (can it beeps or something then put 02-01) to schedule Escalon MAXimum and do as I indicate below 0 10-01 intro intro (the decimal separator is one point) 10-02 1 intro intro (here we say that we use a decimal)09-01 1 intro intro (this time 1 equals to Escalon 0.2) 1000.0 09-02 intro intro (here indicate the scope MAXimum)Now calibrate the scale To do this you will need at least 100Kg 09-05 99 intro intro says that there is nothing on the scale and press Enter 99 09-06 intro intro now put the weight on the scale and see a weight that will

not get the actual press enter 1000.0 FS EC press and type reference weight a hundred kilos or more you put on the scale, press enter 99 09-07 intro intro with this weight is set to exit the setup 0101 intro 99 intro 01 - 02 intro 99 intro and exit to normal mode I hope this will serve you, if you need more help and tell me. luisubeda206 ATTENDED THE SOLUTION 18/5/2010 9:15 PM luis beforehand muchas grasias I will follow the steps that you show me and I commented as I was after sitodo goes well you commented and it pulls it bother you again cibu1 19/5/2010 8:47 PM Hello I'm Lucas Mexico cibu Df pointer L-115 To not delete any of the information that brings just have to replace the batteries and then enter 1818 set-up with enter (the enter is the large arrow inverted right side) then enter 753 you might be other errors but saltalos to enter until 01-01 then you press the tare Mayuscula there briefly and tell you where you can be wrong example 12-07 12-07 you are going to enter and you put 99 enter and you go back to 01-01 again to push Tara and I will show some other error and thus 01-01 suscecivamente when you no longer get errors then you only have to adjust with a minimum of 100 kg. and ready. luck. atte. Lucas Diaz my mail LUCASDIAZ3 ATTENDED THE SOLUTION 26/5/2010 11:02 PM luisubeda20 hear follow the instructions you gave me the horn literally leave everything setup and READY perfect stay in advance THANK YOU FOR YOUR VALUABLE HELP and hope that we will coinsidir forum and over again THANKS. LUCASDIAZ I thanks you too your attention and thank you for your contribution VERACRUZ XALAPA greetings. cibu1 26/5/2010 11:06 PM I hope that answered to assess. Goodbye cibu1