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Antonio Ramirez, EP Insurance sales representative, has been a vital employee to our company. His sales and customer service have been flawless. Antonios leadership and morals have increased the overall proficiency of his team and the company. Therefore, we are recommending Antonio for an employee bonus. This memo will identify the reasons why Antonio is suitable for the consideration of a bonus.

Sales Increase
Within the past year, Antonios performance has helped our number of sales increasingly. Antonio always surpasses his monthly sales goal by almost 30%. His excellent customer service is reflected in his monthly evaluations. Since Antonio joined our sales team, the number of customers has increased by 40%. Our reputation with the public has also improved and the overall customer service of the sales team has greatly improved. The number of complaints received in the year 2011 was up to a 15% of the total number of clients we had. In total our number of customers in the year of 2011 was 9,000. Therefore 1,350 customers were not satisfied with the customer service we provided. In the year 2012 this percentage decreased significantly to a 5% complaint rate. Out of the approximate 10,000 customers up to date 500 still have filed a complaint. Nonetheless, these complains have been regarding our policies and not customer service. In the year of 2011 60% of the complaints were regarding our customer service. In 2012 only 1% of the complaints filed were regarding our provision of customer service.

Antonio has excelled in his leadership skills. He has been employee of the month for 5 months since his arrival to the company. He has raised our sales team into a better performing and communicative team. Even though we currently have amazing sales team members with strong qualities; Antonios guidance and control has made the sales team an extraordinarily strong and well-known team. As office managers, we performed an annual meeting with each sales team member. They were asked what they think improved our service quality. Their genuine response was the good group work they all possess and the excellent leadership Antonio has presented. His co-workers are all very pleased in working with him and appreciate the advice Antonio has given them which has resulted in an improvement in customer service and sales. Antonio seems to have qualities of an individual suitable for a position higher to the position he currently has. Even though this is true, we still strongly believe that Antonio could learn more in the sales team to prepare him for a higher ranked position. Meanwhile he remains in the same position it is only vital and fair for him to receive a bonus in his paychecks due to his performance. We believe it is important to demonstrate our satisfaction with his work and motivate him to keep trying his hardest. Antonio has been an important employee in the



past year and we would not want to loose him. With a constant show of appreciation and satisfaction he will understand that we have better opportunities in store for him as time allows for his personal and professional growth to evolve into perfection.

Conclusion and Recommendation

We would greatly appreciate your consideration of our proposal. We are very pleased to have Antonio working for our sales team and with his efforts increasing the overall proficiency of the company. Our recommendation of demonstrating our appreciation to Antonio will only help the relationship between our employee and employer. We still have many other reasons and explanations to our belief of Antonios bonus. We look forward to discussing the details of this proposal with you and answering any questions you may have.