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Holy Calendar, Part, 04

Holy Calendar, Part, 04

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Published by: Ralph Nathanial Wells on Aug 20, 2009
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IN SEARCH OF THE HOLY CALENDAR, PART 4 To my new friends Dezmoor and his friends; I would like to thank you

for wanting to share this exchange of information with me, and I look forward to making my contributions to this effort. I would, however, like to comment on one of the books I noticed being shared in the club. This is the book, “ The Da Vinci Code.” This book (as with the movie by the same name), in particular and most books in general, written on the subject of the Bible, are designed to hide the truth of the Bible, and to cloud the issue of the true message found within its pages. After reading Books such as these, the reader knows no more than what they did before they read the book. In fact, in many cases, they know even less than what they did before they read these types of books, because now they have added even more confusion to their search for knowledge. This is not accidental. It is deliberate. It has been the deliberate effort of those who rule on the earth today to keep the truth of the message contained in the Bible from being understood, and we are going to learn why very soon! As you may be aware, there were several books I read in order to do the research needed to write the, “Letters To The Black Man And Woman” series, and I think sharing these experiences will bring great benefit to the club. If information is truly what you and your friends are seeking, then you will find more information in any one of these letters than you will find in all the books written in the last century on the subject of the Bible. As you can see from the example of the information you are learning in this Bible Study “In Search Of The Holy Calendar,” the letters were written with the sole purpose of revealing the truth of our past. This research proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all of mankind’s history, and therefore the Bible itself, began with the African people. It was the Black man who first wrote the original Bible, and the message of the Bible is intended for Black people, and those of other races who accept the truth of this message. I know for many of you, after being told something different your whole life, this will come as a shock, but it is the absolute truth. And, if you don’t break the spell of selfhatred, which the religions of the Europeans has taught you, then you are going to suffer the same punishment they and all mankind are going to suffer for following this great lie and deception. During the time of our punishment, for our ancestors being the first people to bring this lie upon the earth, we have accepted many unproven beliefs and statements as if they were proven facts. Now, the time of restoration has come, just as it was promised in the Bible, and our Creators are given those of us, who truly have a pure heart, this final chance to repent of the sins of our forefathers. The responsibility of saving your own life is now in your hands. If you insist on believing what the Europeans have taught you (That their white god is the creator of life and the universe); then it is now your responsibility to prove that as a fact. Not as a belief! As a fact! Explain, intelligently why, if their god is the creator, the science of DNA has now proven, and established conclusively, that the first man and woman to appear on the earth were Blacks living in Africa! Prove, if their god is the creator, why blacks lived for thousands of years, and rule an empire that spanned the entire globe, while the Europeans were still living in caves and making no discernible contributions to civilization. If the European’s god (who is really three gods in one) is the creator, then explain why the universe we live in and all life in the universe, is govern by two laws instead of the one law that would be needed to prove there is only one creator?

Obviously, all of you have access to the Internet. So, there is no excuse for you not to research these very important life-threatening beliefs. You now have at your disposal the tool needed to prove or disprove any claim made today. Yet, some of you prefer to remain in ignorance because the truth may be too much for you to handle. You are not just remaining in ignorance though; you are dooming your life and the life of those you love. All of the statements I’ve made, I researched and documented in the “Letters To The Black Man And Woman.” The research, which took me more than ten years to do, has already been done for you. We no longer have to believe in, and worship, the ridiculous and the absurd. The time of restoration has finally come. But for those of you who doubt, then by now, you should have gone to the Internet and checked out to see if what I’m saying about the Sun and the Moon is correct. You should have, at least, done that much by now. In the discussion we’re having, I have deliberately over simplified this information to make certain this information is as clear to the thirteen year old child as it is to the eighty year old grandmother who has waited her whole life for this day to come. Unlike the work of some authors and the speeches of some speakers, who use confusing words shrouded in mystery and symbolisms, I wrote these letters using plain language in an easy to understand format. To you Dezmoor, and all others who have people that look to them for guidance, if you truly care for and love the people in your care; then do the right thing, and encourage them to purchase these letters for themselves. When I read the work or listen to the speeches of these famous authors or people, I always wondered: What is the point in speaking about a subject if no one understands a word you are saying? So, my purpose is to make the truth as plain as possible, because the one thing I have come to understand, after doing this research, is the fact that the truth will always make sense. The truth will always be simple and obvious. Once you break these spells from your minds, then you too will come to see that: THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE COMMON SENSE! Now, let’s continue our search for the Holy Calendar. So far in these discussions, we have covered the fact that the twenty-four hour day is actually divided into two portions: A day portion, and a night portion. We saw in Psalm 136 that when you read what the Bible actually says (not what you have been taught to think that it says), it tells you that the Sun governs the day, and the Moon and stars govern the night. The animal kingdom and the plant kingdom living on the earth, even until this very day, still operate by a law that most of modern mankind have long since forgotten: These two kingdoms still follow the law that the day ends at sunset. Yet, man is supposed to be superior to the animals. Now you know, what you can see with your own eyes is – “Common Sense!” Why in the world would intelligent Creators make the day change in the middle of the night? That’s because “They” didn’t – MAN DID!
Gen. 1:3-5: And God (YHWH) said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God (YHWH) saw that the light was GOOD, and he (They) separated the light from the darkness. God (YHWH) called the light “day” and the darkness he (They) called “night.” And there was evening and there was morning – THE FIRST DAY!

Or, you could just as easily say (which would be the correct way in English): And there was morning and there was evening – the first day. Whichever way it is phrase, however, the one thing that is perfectly clear is that, according to the Bible we all read, the day is suppose to start

and end at sunset – not in the middle of the night at twelve midnight! If only so many of our black predecessors, who did the pioneering research into our history, would not have so easily conceded the Bible to the Europeans, they would have understood what actually happened in ancient Egypt. They would have, not only, seen the connection between the gods of ancient Egypt with those of Christianity, but they would have also understood the meaning of this connection. Many of these authors never came to understand these meanings, but if you read the letters, and continue to read these Bible studies – you will! We also came to see, in these discussions, that the year itself is divided into a day portion, and a night portion. We saw that for approximately six months out of the year (day portion) the days will be longer than the nights, and for approximately six months of the year (night portion), the nights will be longer than the days. We learned that only twice in the year do you have equal day and equal night. We learned that these two times of the year are called the Spring Equinox and the Fall Equinox. It was these two times of the year that all ancient cultures considered – The Most Holy. Twice in a year, our ancestors designed the Great Pyramid in Egypt to cast an invisible shadow: On the Spring Equinox and the Fall Equinox. You need to ask yourself, why would people go through all the trouble to build such a huge structure that mark these two times of the year in this way; if these two times of the year weren’t of extreme importance to them? A similar event occurs on the equinoxes for the Pyramid of the Sun found in the city of Teotihuacan in Central America. The massive prehistoric ruins found in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico in North America incorporates the occurrences of the equinoxes in its design. As with the circular stone formation found on the Salisbury Plain in southern England known as Stonehenge. All around the earth, there are ancient sites that required an extraordinary amount of human effort and intelligence to build these great edifices that mark, with great emphasis and precision, these two times of the year. And the evidence that is now surfacing reveals that it was one people of a long lost ancient culture that accomplished all these great achievements. Today, these great people and this great civilization are known as the Nubian Empire! Shouldn’t there be an ancient document somewhere on the earth that is so old, it would explain why these people considered these two times of the year of such importance? There is! And even though today it has been altered, the truth is still contained within its pages. THIS DOCUMENT TODAY IS CALLED THE HOLY BIBLE!
Lev. 23:4: “These are the feast of the Lord (Eternal), even holy convocations, which you shall proclaim in their seasons. (Season is plural)

This word “seasons” is actually very significant. When we examine this word more closely by researching its true meaning in “The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible,” which is actually a dictionary for the Bible, we find that the research number for this word in Strong’s is #4150. And, according to the Strong’s Hebrew dictionary, this word literally means: “an appointment, i.e. a fixed time or season; spec. a festival; conventionally a year; We have already discovered, in our discussions we are having, that there are literally two times in the year that are fixed times. These two fixed times of the year are the Spring Equinox and the Fall Equinox! Fixed time means that the spring equinox occurs on the same day of the year each spring, and the fall equinox occur on the same day of the year each fall. Which, according to the

U. S. Naval Observatory, these two dates occur in the northern hemisphere at latitude 40 degrees on March 17th for the spring equinox and September 26th for the fall equinox. We also know now, that on these two times of the year, the two great lights (The Sun and the Moon) in the heavens are opposite each other, by facing each other at the equator. And we know now that these two great lights in the heavens represent the two principals (Laws) that sustain all life here on earth.

It was these two times of the year, according to the Bible you read and according to the evidence that has been left by the people of this very old and ancient culture, that mankind are suppose to consider the most Holy times of the year. If we carry the definition found in Strong’s even further; it was these two times of the year that we, as black people in particular and all people in general, are suppose to hold our religious festivals. And, if we really wanted to take the definition found in Strong’s to it logical conclusion; then it would be these two times of the year that are suppose to be used to determine the cycle of the year! Not only is these two times of the year (together) no longer the times that mankind celebrate the most holy times of the year, but also, the yearly cycle is no longer determined in this way. Originally, though, that’s how the year was determined. This great Nubian civilization saw that the year was a great circle that could be divided with an imaginary straight line going from east to west (the path of the sun and the moon during the coarse of a day and the year). It would start at the point of the Spring Equinox and continue to the Fall Equinox. Thus dividing the daylight portion of the year from the night portion of the year. This line would come to represent the horizon or the equator. The horizon divided the terrestrial (earth) from the celestial (heavens), and the earth was divided at the equator into the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. For thousands of years, this was the calendar all mankind followed. (The animal and the plant kingdom’s still understand that the year is supposed to begin in the Spring!) It was a Calendar that revealed to all mankind that everything on earth; all human life, animal life, plant life, and all the laws of the universe lived and worked in perfect harmony. This calendar revealed that everything came about as a result of these two opposite forces coming together. These two opposite forces represented the Two Creators, and twice a year when the great lights in the heavens are opposite each other at the equator; we are suppose to, as “They” instruct us to do in the Bible, hold our religious festivals in honor of “Them” and the plan they are working out down here on the earth. Don’t you understand? Is it starting to become clear yet? The type of calendar you observe determines if you are worshiping a false impostor creator or if you are worshiping the – TWO CREATORS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH

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