LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH II Teaching Literature across the Curriculum


A. Focus Skill Infer the message of a song and relate it to real life situations. B. Support Skills 1. Decode meaning of words thru context clues 2. Interpret information presented in a line graph 3. Evaluate values upheld in the song 4. Demonstrate concepts learned through different subject-related activities



◙ Infering the message of a song and relating it to real life situations
♦ “PERFECT”-a song by an alternative group “SIMPLE PLAN”
Reference: English I pp. 189-190 Visual Aids: Pictures, “Relias”, Charts


A. ACTIVITIES 1. Priming SITUATIONNAIRE (LINE GRAPGH) Consider the line graph below about the increasing number of juvenile delinquents in Surigao

del Sur 2000 2000 1990 1990 1980 1980 1970 1970 1960 1960 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900

Number of Juvenile Delinquents in Surigao Del Sur
1.1 How many delinquents are there in the year 1960? 1980? 1990? 1.2 What is the increase of delinquents from 1960 to 1970? 1.3 What is the common trend in the number of delinquents as the years passed?

1.4 What do you think is reason why we have this situation in Surigao del Sur? 2. Singing: ♪ “PERFECT”-a song by “SIMPLE PLAN” ♫ PERFECT (Simple Plan) Hey dad look at me I tried not to think Think back and talk to me About pain I feel inside Did I grow up according to plan And did you know you used to be my hero And do you think I’m wasting my time And all times you spend with me Do the things I wanna do Now seems so far away But it hurts when I disapprove all alone And it feels like you don’t care anymore Refrain: (Repeat Refrain then Chorus) And now I tried hard just to make it I just wanna make you proud Bridge: I’ll never gonna be good enough for you Can’t pretend that I’m alright Nothing gonna change And now you can’t change me… the things that you said Chorus: Nothing gonna make it right again ‘Cause I lost it all Please don’t turn your back Nothing last forever Can’t believe its hard just to talk to you Sorry I can’t be perfect But you don’t understand……… Now it just too late And we can’t go back (Repeat Chorus) I’m sorry, I can’t be perfect…
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3. Double Entry Extract words/phrases/lines that struck you most from the song. (at least 5 entries) Words/Phrases/Lines Reactions

4. Word Trail 007 (Decoding Meaning of Words thru Context Clue) Decode the meaning of the following underlined words using the surrounding words as clue/s (context clue/s)

Lines of Song
1. But it hurts when I disapprove all alone 2. ‘Cause I lost it all nothing last forever 3. Now it just too late and we can’t go back 4. I tried not to think about the pain I feel inside



B. ANALYSIS 1. What is the song all about? 2. Who are the characters mentioned in the song? 3. What kind of relationship do they have? 4. How did the child react to the expectations of his father? 5. What kind of father/child is described in the song? 6. What are the difficult word/ phrase you encounter in the song? 7. How did you decode its meaning? 8. What is the implication of the graph presented to the song we just sing? 9. Do they have a connection? Why? C. ABSTRACTION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How do we extract a message of a song? What is the role of context clues in decoding the meaning of words? How do we interpret data presented in a graph? What are the worthwhile values the author of the song trying to tell us? How do we relate it in our daily lives?

D. APPLICATION Its Fathers’ Day! Your class is preparing a tribute program. You are assigned with task according to subject groups English Group – Compose a poem about fathers Math Group - Compute the expenses for the program Science Group – Formulate suggested activities to maintain a good body system for fathers Social Studies - Report on the role of fathers in a family

T.L.E. MAPEH Values Ed.

- Role Play a happy Family - Compose and Sing a song for Fathers to the tune of Twinkle Little Star - Write and explain a quotation for a “perfect family”


The output of the subject groups will be evaluated using the rubric below. LEVELS DESCRIPTION The group has presented the output clearly. Ideas are adequate and logically arranged. The group has presented the output clearly. Major ideas are generally arranged logically. The group has presented the out put but fails to arrange ideas logically. The group partly presented the output. Ideas presented hardly explain the topic. The group fails to present an output.



Write a short composition about your ideal family life ten years from now.

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“He who fails to plan , Plans to fail”

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