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Published by: Crystalis DeCavalier on Aug 20, 2009
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Aura Exercises: Beginner

Please read the following instructions carefully and in the
proper order, because this exercise aims to better your
awareness of aura deterioration.

For this exercise, you will need the following:

• Three cups of the same size
• Coffee. (Do not substitute another drink for coffee)

Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability: Edition 1 of 3

Copyright (C) 2001 - 2004 Kaltem Gibson. All rights reserved.

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• Water. (Apple juice or orange juice can be substituted
for water)


• In the first cup, pour cold black coffee in it
• In the second cup, pour hot coffee made the way you
like it

• In the third cup, pour cold water in it

Pretend that you have never smelt or even drank coffee
before. Smell the coffee for the first time. Rid all thoughts
about knowing that the coffee tastes good.

Do not drink the coffee normally. You need to sip a bit of the
black coffee like it is vintage wine. Do not swallow the black
coffee yet. Swish the coffee in your mouth. You want to taste
the flavor of the coffee. Saver every drop of the coffee as if
the coffee is very expensive. Begin to slowly swallow it. Feel
the coffee slipping down your throat. Feel the tingly sensation
as the coffee trickles down your throat.


The black coffee has a faint smell of bile that can only be
detected when you have the awareness that negativity is
cloaked. Negative PSI energy has to go somewhere. This
time, smell the coffee for what it is. You will detect a faint
smell of bile that you have never smelt before. To smell this
bile, you must be very determined to smell the coffee for what
it is and not what you believe the smell to be.

Sip the coffee like before. This time, feel the tingles that the
coffee makes inside of the back of your mouth. Picture in your
mind, that the coffee is bile as it slowly trickles down your

Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability: Edition 1 of 3

Copyright (C) 2001 - 2004 Kaltem Gibson. All rights reserved.

Page 64

Now that you have the conscious awareness for what the
coffee is, and not what you want it to be, swallow a large gulp
of coffee and feel the tingly sensation inside of your nose.

The second cup of coffee is much better because of the
sugar, cream, or anything that you put in the coffee to make it
taste better. However, after drinking a cup of coffee, you will
have a bloated feeling.

Now drink the water normally. The water is not thick and has
no smell or taste. Therefore, you normally do not produce
negative PSI energy from the drinking of water.

To improve your aura, clear water should be consumed about
once every two hours.

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