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2013-11-26 Shell IOP With CL (Final V2)

2013-11-26 Shell IOP With CL (Final V2)

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Shell's IOP for Chukchi Sea in 2014
Shell's IOP for Chukchi Sea in 2014

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Published by: jdlouhy3911 on Dec 04, 2013
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As a precautionary measure, relief well preparation operations are initiated in parallel with surface
capping/intervention methods being employed on the incident well. The relief well drilling procedure is
provided in the Well Control Plan in Appendix L of the Chukchi Sea EP Revision 1 and Chukchi Sea EP
Revision 2. In the unlikely event of an uncontrolled release, the Discoverer will serve as its own primary
relief well drilling unit in accordance with the Well Control Plan. The second drilling unit, Polar Pioneer
on standby in Dutch Harbor, will be towed to the site to be ready to serve as the secondary relief well
drilling unit used to drill a relief well.
When the incident well is intercepted with the relief well, a dynamic kill will be performed to re-establish
hydrostatic overbalance. Once the incident well is controlled it will be abandoned in accordance with 30
CFR 250 Subpart Q and Shell’s Abandonment Manual, followed by abandonment of the relief well.

Tank stiffening to improve
collapse resistance

Addition of large dedicated vents to
allow pressure equalization

Addition of protective frame

Added buoyancy to remove
dependence on center chamber

Shell Gulf of Mexico Inc.

November 2013

2014 Integrated Operations Plan
Chukchi Sea, Alaska

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