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2013-11-26 Shell IOP With CL (Final V2)

2013-11-26 Shell IOP With CL (Final V2)

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Published by jdlouhy3911
Shell's IOP for Chukchi Sea in 2014
Shell's IOP for Chukchi Sea in 2014

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Published by: jdlouhy3911 on Dec 04, 2013
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The Incident Command System (ICS) is a key element of emergency management planning, to organize
response efforts for all types of incidents. As part of the National Incident Management System, ICS
provides standard response and operating procedures that can be applied in a scalable, flexible manner to
meet the needs of a specific incident. Because of the widespread use of the system, federal, state, local
and private response personnel can be quickly organized for major incident management. If an emergency
plan is activated, Shell personnel are trained to fulfill ICS functions. As noted in the Scope of Operations
section, SIMOPS coordinators will serve as the initial on-scene incident commander for a field incident
during drilling season operations. Figure 10 shows the basic ICS organization, with an incident
commander supported by staff sections for operations, planning logistics and finance/administration.

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