it's vegan, raw, and truly delicious INGREDIENTS: white sesame seeds,
virgin olive oil, and 1 !grams o" delta11!car#o$i!sativa %er &!o' (ar )the e*uivalent o" + o" my coo,ies-

POT tahini

! This concentrate syru% can #e used in do'ens o" reci%es. ! The / most common uses are in 0ummus and in 0alvah. 1e o""er #oth o" these in traditional variations,
2ut with this &!o' (ar, you can ma,e your own reci%e at home

POT hummus

INGREDIENTS: organic chic,
%eas, 34T tahini, limes, 5 s%ices

4""ered in regular and s%icy
! 6ou actually can't taste the %ot

Each 7!o' tu# has the e*uivalent dose as / o" my coo,ies

4ur s%icy hummus has twice the garlic and cayenne as the regular

Ideal as a di% "or chi%s or vegeta#les )or- ma,e hors d'euvres with it. )or- as a tasty s%read su#stitute "or mayonnaise )or- thin it out with yoghurt or sour cream to ma,e creamy sauces and salad dressings

vegan, raw, and truly delicious
INGREDIENTS: carameli'ed
28 wild honey, 5 34T tahini )that's it)with a touch o" vanilla or cocoa! 9gain, you can't taste the %ot it's got a great smooth "la,y te$ture - BUT you really can't eat much of it, because it's so strong

POT halvah


OUR $% U-

'single (ose)
not to #e con"used with wea,

"hocolate $int "innamon "ar(amom *olt %+,resso #ativa !ooney Bites #hortbrea( Blueberry &ush #tra-berry #ativa

'(ouble (ose)

remarcable OI T$% T#
'very strong - ma(e -ith hash oil) .oly Anointing Oil-/ D$#O .oly Anointing Oil Alcohol base Tincture Bragg's Inhaler Tincture availa#le in /: and 1 ml (ars availa#le in /o' %um% ;atomi'er

Available at ,artici,ating Dis,ensaries )or- call //0-/1/-/234

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