The Atonement

God’s saving Act in the event of Christ

moral failure Emancipation (cosmic)  Responds to: fear. powerlessness. isolation . uncleanness. oppression Participation (union)  Responds to: weakness. alienation. imperfection. inadequacy Reconciliation (relation)  Responds to: separation.Biblical Images of Atonement Sacrifice (cultic)  Responds to: shame. defilement Substitution (legal)  Responds to: guilt. finitude.

annulment  God's forgiveness of sin in Christ expiates  "propitiation" and "satisfaction" may be inadequate or problematic interpretations of this concept. .Formulations of the Meaning of the Cross Sacrifice (cultic): (Romans 3:24-25)  expiation.

Galatians 3:13)  Christ takes our place (in the dock) • the judgment to fall upon us falls on him  vicarious death  "representative" might be a better term to describe this element in Paul’s thought • in light of his idea of Christ's solidarity with the human race: • Humanity is represented in Christ • "in Adam" "in Christ" (Romans 5. I Corinthians 15) .Substitution (legal): (II Corinthians 5:14-15.

"demonic" realities over which we have no control  the death of Christ (in light of the resurrection) is here understood as the event where "the powers" (ultimately symbolized and focused in death) are defeated. overcome • the result is freedom from bondage .Emancipation (cosmic): (Colossians 1:13. 8)  the human reality addressed in these texts is that of bondage: to powers. 2:15. Galatians 1:4. 4:3-5. forces.

Participation (union): (Romans 6:2-8. 20)  here. participation--by faith--in Christ's death and resurrection leads to freedom from the old bondages  there is a sense of incorporation and identification . Colossians 2:11-14.

the rejection of dependence on God.“In Adam” life is determined by alienation from God’s purpose. death and resurrection . opposition to God’s purpose “In Christ” life is determined by God’s radical unconditional love and forgiveness revealed and enacted in Christ’s life.

II Corinthians 5:17-21)  the emphasis here is on the overcoming of the experience/ reality of isolation from God  separation and alienation are overcome by the act of God's radical. unconditional love and forgiveness .Reconciliation (relation): (Romans 5:1-11.

Biblical Images of Atonement God’s Love in Christ Reconciliation .