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BPD Police Log 081213

BPD Police Log 081213

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Published by Davis Freeberg
Brentwood Police Report for 08/12/09
Brentwood Police Report for 08/12/09

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Published by: Davis Freeberg on Aug 20, 2009
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BPD Public Log

Logs for 08/12/2009 - 08/13/2009 Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 23:04 Street: Third St Event Synopsis: ARR was intoxicated in public. She was released on an NTA. Crime: 647(f) PC

Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 21:46 Crime: Outside Assist Street: Coronation Drive Event Synopsis: INV inhaled a dangerous substance. INV was transported to Sutter Delta Hospital by AMR. Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 20:58 Street: Sand Creek Road Event Synopsis: V-1 collided with V-2 causing damage. V-1 fled scene. Crime: 20002 VC

Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 20:23 Crime: Unlisted Offense Street: Shady Willow Ln. Event Synopsis: Case concerns INV's heavy intoxication and arguing with his 3 juvenile children. Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 20:09 Crime: 11377 HS Street: Brownstone Rd @ Anderson Ln. Event Synopsis: CIT was stopped for a VC violation. CIT was determined to have a suspended driver's license and was was released on a NTA. ARR who was a passenger was determined to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. ARR to MDF. Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 18:13 Street: O'Hara Ave @ Sand Creek Rd Event Synopsis: ARR displayed false tabs to avoid paying registration. Crime: 4462.5 VC

Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 16:10 Crime: 166.4 PC Street: Hawthorn Pl Event Synopsis: ARR drove by VIC's residence twice in violation of a restraining order. ARR to MDF. Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 17:31

Crime: Unlisted Offense

Street: McClarren Rd. Event Synopsis: ARR-1 furnished ARR-2 with an alcoholic beverage. ARR's released on NTA's Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 16:09 Crime: Lost Property Street: Lone Tree Way Event Synopsis: OWN lost his handgun either in Brentwood or Sunnyvale. The gun was entered into AFS. Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 15:17 Street: Sycamore Ave. @ White Swan St. Event Synopsis: Marlboro ice chest was found on the sidewalk. Crime: Found Property

Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 14:23 Crime: Non-Injury Collision Street: Brentwood Blvd. @ Pine Event Synopsis: V-1 made an unsafe lane change and sideswiped V-2, causing V-2 to stop quickly and V-3 collided into the rear of V-2. P-3 was determined to be unlicensed, therefore V-3 was impounded. Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 14:32 Crime: Miscellaneous Info. Street: Water St Event Synopsis: RP requested documentation regarding receiving phone messages from INV. Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 11:20 Street: Balfour Rd Event Synopsis: Specialized bicycle found in the bushes. Crime: Found Property

Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 11:27 Crime: 22651 VC Street: Brandon Miles Way Event Synopsis: Vehicle parked on City Street with registration expired over six months. Vehicle towed and stored. Dispatch entered vehicle into SVS. Date: 08/13/2009 Street: Brentwood Blvd. Event Synopsis: Spray paint on above vehicle. Time: 07:18 Crime: 594 PC

Date: 08/13/2009 Time: 07:19 Crime: 594 PC Street: Brentwood Blvd @ Sunset Ct Event Synopsis: RES spray painted gang-related graffitti on a soundwall, across from the above location. Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 23:08 Crime: Outside Assist Street: Lone Tree Way Event Synopsis: The above suspects were observed shooting firearms at each other from the above vehicles in the City of Antioch. Both vehicles were located on Lone Tree Way at the Red Rhino. Brentwood and Antioch Officers conducted high risk stops on each vehicle and Antioch Officers detained the above suspects. A simulated

firearm was located in the white Pontiac during a search. All sus' were later released by Antioch Police. Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 23:00 Crime: Warrant Arrest Street: Sand Creek Rd @ Brentwood Blvd Event Synopsis: ARR was stopped for a CVC violation and found to have cite- releasable warrants for his arrest. ARR released from the scene on his signed promise to appear. Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 23:23 Street: Turnberry Ct Event Synopsis: RES returned home safely. RES removed from MUPS. Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 21:48 Street: Turnberry Ct Event Synopsis: RES left home after a family dispute. RES entered into MUPS. Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 15:11 Street: Brentwood Blvd Event Synopsis: RES came into the station for annual registration. Crime: Runaway Juvenile

Crime: Runaway Juvenile

Crime: 290 PC

Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 12:53 Crime: 10851 VC-Recovery Street: El Berta Ct. Event Synopsis: VIC's car was stolen without VIC's knowledge and found in Pittsburg, burned. VIC made late report of stolen vehicle. Vehicle entered into SVS. Investigation ongoing. Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 11:10 Crime: 487 PC Street: Blue Oak Ct Event Synopsis: VIC Chase Bank reported pool equipment was taken from a vacant home. Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 11:28 Street: First St. Event Synopsis: OWN lost his wallet at the Delta Theater on 8/10/09. Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 12:00 Street: Sunset Rd. @ Brentwood Blvd. Event Synopsis: Name Exchange. Crime: Lost Property

Crime: Non-Injury Collision

Date: 08/12/2009 Time: 10:03 Crime: Miscellaneous Info. Street: Sand Creek Rd Event Synopsis: While INV-2 was returning a rental uhaul. INV-1 became upset with INV-2 for no apparent reason and started to throw objects around the room and curse. INV-2 felt unsafe and called for Police assistance. Date: 08/12/2009 Street: Central Blvd. Time: 08:23

Crime: 594 PC

Event Synopsis: VIC reported finding two scratch marks on the R/F fender of his vehicle while parked in the above location.


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