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Change We Can Make Unit

Immigration- Lesson 2 60 minutes Essential Question/s How do great Americans look beyond the current reality and work toward change? What are some great accomplishments that Americans have made to affect great changes? How has the world around us changed how we see our own current reality? NCSS THEME Time, Continuity, Change Culture VA Standards of learning Social Studies: 3.11 The student will explain the importance of the basic principles that form the foundation of a republican form of government by a) describing the individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and equality under the law; b) identifying the contributions of George Washington; Thomas Jefferson; Abraham Lincoln; Rosa Parks; Thurgood Marshall; Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Cesar Chavez; c) describing how people can serve the community, state, and nation. Fine Arts: 3.13: The student will identify how history, culture, and the visual arts influence each other. Objectives Students will be able to analyze the basic principles of a republican form of government. Students will be able to compare major social changes in America by key individuals to the reality that these individuals faced daily. Lesson Thinking: Lessons two will focus on what the basic principles of a republican government is. Students will research the Declaration of Independence and what that means. Teacher will read, We the Kids, the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States by Davis Catrow. Children will discuss why it is important to have documents that protect our freedoms. Class will use primary sources (artwork, literature, documents, songs, etc) to determine what life was life like pre-1776, during the time it took to create our government (1776-1789) and post constitution. Class will discuss why the US moved away from a monarchy form of government to a republic. Touch on the transfer of power and how it is stable, George Washington making sure that the presidency and monarchy were two very different things, and that some immigrants would choose to come to the US because of this. Created by B. Terrell George Mason University

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Morning work- During morning work students will track on map where we would be
if they started their immigration from our various global sections starting from the first day of the unit. Would anyone have arrived yet? This would vary as the different time periods would have different types of travel/ different starting points. Students would mark their progress on a class global map until they arrive.

Created by B. Terrell George Mason University