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December 2013

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Your monthly dose of environmental updates in the community of Rosewater. December 2013

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4 December 6-8 PM Poly Chemical vs. Environmental Concern Committee Town Hall RAW Holiday Celebration

Local Bullfrog Population in Jeopardy

With the expansion of pharmaceutical company Poly Chemical threatening to impose upon the community of Rosewater, environmental concerns are beginning to surface. Triclosan, a chemical emitted by Poly Chemical, is a known toxin that interferes with the metabolism within the thyroid gland of the American Bullfrog. With the loss of this important species Rosewaters aquatic ecosystems would be in grave danger of collapse.

15 December 5-8 PM

20 December

Last day to sign up for Spring 2014 benefit trip to the Floridian Wetlands Rosewater Elected Officials Meet & Greet

30 December 12-1 PM

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Learn More About Triclosan United States Environmental Protection Agency

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Poly Chemical Plans To Expand

Expansion into residential Rosewater threatens to spill toxic chemicals by the summer of 2014
In their first press release Poly Chemical claims up to 150 job opportunities will become available at Poly Chemical in the spring of 2014. However, Poly Chemical fails to mention the environmental costs associated with these opportunities. Those 150 jobs are going to create a large number of automobile commuters, which bring along air and water pollution by releasing gas emissions. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than half of the air pollution in the nation is caused by mobile sources, primarily automobiles One of the most prevalent forms of air pollution is greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming. After the gas emissions take place, particulate matter can land on water sources and contaminate them, resulting in irritation of the airways, difficulty breathing, and decreased lung function. In the same press release Poly Chemical expresses, First consideration for these new positions will be given to qualified residents of Rivertown and Rosewater. To be clear, theres no guarantee that Poly Chemicals expansion is going to provide local citizens with jobs, only the promise that they will get some type of arbitrary priority during the review process. Also, Poly Chemical doesnt offer any job security or health benefits, perhaps suggesting that theyre more focused on instant gratification through the expansion rather than the longterm responsibilities of the project. Continue Reading Below.

They put what in the water?

In Poly Chemicals second press release they address our environmental group, Rosewater Air and Water (RAW) by saying the environmental issues experienced in the city of Tradewind were unfortunate and point out that no direct evidence was provided linking Pharm Tech to the issues. Contrary to this claim, the Tradewind Water Agency (TWA) found traces of groundwater contamination at the Pharm Tech site and suspected that the harmful, carcinogenic, and possibly cancerous chemical dioxane caused this contamination. Since then, the TWA has concluded their investigation and confirmed that dioxane was in fact a concentrated contaminant. While Poly Chemical asserts that they are not Pharm Tech, they cant deny that they use many of the same chemicals, one of

which being the dangerous dioxane.

RAW Meat

December 2013

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