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Bruno Rodriguez English 1010

Self Reflection Letter

This is the last self-reflective letter that Im writing for this class. During the course of the class, I didnt quite understand why self-reflection letters were good. I thought they were a waste of time. However Ive learned that they do actually help you know what kind of writer you are. Ive found out that I usually dont get writers block. When I do, its usually because I dont know how to transition into my next point in an essay but I eventually figure it out. Ive found out that I am usually the planned procrastinator. Once I get to writing my essay, I dont stop until I finish. The best writing environment for me is when Im alone or in a place with few distractions. I find it really hard to concentrate when there are lots of people walking around or many activities surrounding me. This is why I usually write my essays when I am in my room or here at Salt Lake Community College at the student center. I also sometimes like to listen to music but it depends on my mood. Peer reviews do help me get a different perspective on my writing. Although I do read over my essay at least once and make corrections, its always good to get a few more opinions on what can be changed or improved. This class has helped me improve my writing skills to an extent. I now know how to write an annotated bibliography, which I never heard of until this past month. I also know how to improve my counterarguments and establish some credibility in my writing by being able to agree on a common ground in my argument essay. My skills in identifying rhetorical devices hasnt really improved that much. I have taken English honors and Advanced Placement Literature and Composition at my high school and we also had to do similar assignments like weve done in class. I guess it also helps that I passed my AP test so that means that I do have at least okay or better than average writing skills. Overall, my argument essay is fairly smooth. I didnt encounter problems in writing it (other than putting in the effort because sometimes I can be very lazy). I didnt get writers block and Ive found out that outlines help me significantly when Im writing papers. In conclusion, writing my argument essay was not a challenge. Self reflective letters have helped me determine what type of writer I am and what environment I should be, which definitely boosts my writing skills and efficiency. English 1010 has been a great course for improving my writing skills and putting them into practice. This course wasnt challenging, but did put my skills to the test.