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EDUC 290 Fall 2008 Dr.


Name: Shauna Lee Harvey CSI Ma !r: Elementary E"u#at$!n Un$ver%$ty&C!llege 'tran%(er $n%t$tut$!n): I"ah! State Un$ver%$ty *lan !( +#t$!n +%%$gnment *ur,!%e: The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin to address the graduation requirements for your major and to address the entrance requirements for your chosen four-year institution. Please address the questions below. Please type your responses. 1. What courses are you currently taking this semester? !"# $%& $. What courses do you need to graduate with your '' degree? (Please see )ena Pa*ton to get a copy of your !egree 'udit. )ena is located in the +atri* in the Taylor 'dministration ,uilding on the #-. campus/ you can also email her at lpa* . ha2e no other classes . need to take. 3. 4a2e you applied for #-. graduation? (https566www.csi.edu6forms6students7forms6gradapp61 . ha2e already graduated with an '' degree and ha2e changed my major to education. 8. 4a2e you completed #-.9s #omputer )iteracy 'ssessment? (http566computerliteracy.csi.edu61 :es . ha2e completed the #omputer )iteracy 'ssessment and recei2ed and '. ;. What are the entrance requirements for your chosen four-year institution? What are the application deadlines? .f you plan to apply for scholarships< what are the scholarship application deadlines? 4a2e you applied for financial aid? ' =P' of $.>; or better. ,ack ground check< nglish 1&1 or 1&$. #ommunications 1&1< +ath 1;> and $;>< duc $&$< $&8< $&;< $1; all with a # or higher. Pra*is test scheduled< #ompleted application to ducation Program< admittance to .-"< #opy of unofficial transcript< copy of current class schedule !"# $&$ forms a 1; minute 2ideo in a classroom setting teaching your emphasis area. and an inter2iew scheduled. The application deadlines are ?ctober 1st +arch 1st and @une 1st. The early scholarship deadline is Aebruary 1;th. . ha2e not applied for financial aid yet. B. !oes your chosen four-year institution require Pra*is 1 (or other tests1? What scores are needed? What are the dates for Pra*is 1 (or other tests1? !o these tests ha2e to be completed before the application deadline? .f so< how long does it take to process test scores? :es Pra*is is required. Tests don9t ha2e to be completed just scheduled. Ceading 1>$ Writing 1>8 +ath 1B%. The Pra*is is gi2en B times a year at #-.. .t takes 1&-1; days to process test scores. Pra*is Website5 !"# 1%%-#&1W Pra*is 1 Preparation

#ontact !a2e +akings at or >3$-BDBB