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Video Player Instructions SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.

2+ DVD-ROM Drive 1024x760 or Greater Monitor Resolution Windows: 7/Vista/XP/2000 DVD-ROM Drive 1024x760 or Greater Monitor Resolution TECHNICAL SUPPORT visit: email: phone: 858-866-9147 INSTRUCTIONS Insert the DVD, or unzip downloaded file. Windows Users: double click on the "VideoPlayerPC" executable file to launch the Infinite Skills Video Player Macintosh Users: double click on the "VideoPlayerMac" file to launch the Infinit e Skills Video Player. **Note - due to a new setting in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple users *may* rece ive a dialog box stating "[App name] can't be opened because it is from an unide ntified developer". If that is the case, please follow the instructions below. If you are experiencing issues with the Flash based player you may wish to play the movies using the basic HTML player. Just double click on the "Double Click Me to Play.htm" file in the "Compatibilit y Mode" folder to launch the file in your web browser. Bypassing OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper Restrictions: 1. Temporarily Get Around "App Can t Be Opened" Alert Message

- Right-click (or control-click) the VideoPlayerMac file and choose "Open" - Click the "Open" button at the next dialog warning to launch the app anyway 2. Disable GateKeeper's Unidentified App Developer Prevention Completely - Launch System Preferences from the Apple menu - Choose "Security & Privacy" and then click the "General" tab, followed by clic king the lock icon in the corner to unlock the settings - Look for "Allow applications downloaded from:" and choose "Anywhere" - Accept the security warning and allow - You can now launch any app from any location or developer