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Acacia Garcia429 lesson plan 5

Teacher Candidate: Acacia Garcia Subject/Grade: Social Studies/Kindergarten

Lesson # 5 Date and Time of Lesson: 11/14/2013 @ 10A.M.

Learning Objective: Students will be able to compare the daily lives and responsibilities of children and families in the past and present. Alignment with Standards: South Carolina Social Studies Standards: K-4.1 Compare the daily lives of children and their families in the past and in the present. EEDA Standard(s): 5.1. Describe responsibilities one has at home and school. Developmental Appropriateness or Cross-curricular connections: Students will have prior knowledge of the how things from the past have changed and how certain jobs and activities from the present were done in the past. Assessment(s) of the Objectives: Lesson Objective(s) Assessment(s) of the Objective(s) The teacher will ask each student to explain the difference between the words past and present. Students will answer in their own words. The teacher will use a PowerPoint slide to show different pictures of objects and jobs from the past and present. Students will identify which object or job belongs in the past or present. The students will complete a handout to identify objects or jobs used in the past and the present. Handout will be collected and reviewed when students are finished. Use of Formative Assessment (TWS section 7) I will use the assessment data for future instruction on the daily lives of children and their families and how they lived in the past and how they live in the present. This lesson is based more on objects used in the kitchen and jobs but there are plenty of other ways to show the differences between the past and present.

Pre-Assessment: Students will identify the difference between the words past and present mean.

During Assessment: Students will identify objects and jobs from the past and present using a PowerPoint.

Post-Assessment: Students will be able to identify whether an object or job was used in the past or the present by placing 4 out of 6 objects in the correct column.

Accommodations: Early finishers will be able to color the pictures that are on the handout, correctly and without scribbling. Slower paced learners will be given extra time to complete their handout during centers.

Acacia Garcia429 lesson plan 5

Students with and IEP, will be included in classroom discussion. If one of these students is having difficulty, the teacher will go into more depth and answer any questions that students may have. Materials: PowerPoint with objects and jobs from past and present Handout Smart Board Laptop A Little Prairie House by Laure Ingalls Wilder Procedures: 1. The teacher will begin the lesson by explaining what the class will be discussing. a. Past and present (then and now) 2. The teacher will then introduce the book A Little Prairie House by Laura Ingalls Wilder and begin reading to the class. Asking questions such as: a. How does what they are doing compare to how we do things today? b. Do we use wagons to get around? c. Are there any similarities between what they are doing in this book to what we do today? 3. When finished reading the book, the teacher will ask students the differences they noticed in the book. 4. The class will have a discussion about objects and jobs that are done in the past and the present. 5. After the discussion, the teacher will pull up the PowerPoint. Students will be told to raise their hands if an object was used in the past. If it was not used in the past, they will keep their hands down. The PowerPoint will include the correct answers for each picture. 6. When finished going through the PowerPoint, the teacher will explain the next activity. a. Students will be given a handout with 6 pictures on it3 pictures of objects or jobs done in the past and 3 pictures of objects done in the present. b. Students must cut out the pictures and place them below the correct column for past and presentstudents will be shown which column is past and which is present. The pictures for the handout will also be explained. 7. Students will be dismissed to complete the handout. a. When finished, students will hand their work in and will be allowed to go to centers. Activity Analysis: Comparing past and present objects and jobsstudents will be able to discuss the differences between objects and jobs in the past to objects and jobs in the present. They will identify objects that are from the past and present using a PowerPoint shown on the Smart Board. They must state why they believe the object is from the past or the present. Students enjoy discussing their opinions and this will give them a way to do so in an organized manner. Past and present handoutstudents will cut and paste objects from the past and present in the correct column. The students will need to identify which objects are from the past and the present. The pictures used will be from the PowerPoint from earlier in the lesson and they will be explained before the students do the worksheet. Students will be given the opportunity to cut the pictures out and glue them correctly. The students enjoy being able to use their scissors and their glue sticks. References: Wilder, L. (1998). A little prairie house. New York, NY: HarperCollins.