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Castro 1 Olivia Castro Professor Vana DerOhanessian English 114a 5 December 2013

A Corru t !ociet" !ocial #e$ia has become more an$ more materialistic as time rogresses% &ou see 'omen contem lating to get lastic surger" $one( ac)ing on tons of ma)eu to cover u their fla's( eo le striving to become s)innier or muscular( an$ eo le 'anting to be rich an$ have it all% #one" is becoming more of an attraction( 'hich lea$s to'ar$ eo le becoming gree$" an$ ignorant% One main issue that illustrates the i$ea of corru tion of beaut" for 'omen 'oul$ be lastic surger"% !ocial me$ia such as the internet( television( an$ ra$io a$vertise the i$eal loo)s of *beautiful* 'omen% !ociet" is mani ulate$ into believing that certain 'omen an$ celebrities are fla'less( "et those 'omen have ha$ lastic surger" $one( or the me$ia 'ill e+aggerate ho' s)inn" a mo$el reall" is% !ociet" is fi+e$ to believe that there is onl" a certain 'a" "ou can be beautiful( an$ for 'omen to believe that( leaves our societ" to be corru t b" the social me$ia% ,hese beliefs of *beaut"* nourish our min$s into believing 'hat is an$ is not rett"% Due to the 'a" social me$ia has ortra"e$ our societ"( it has influence$ societ" to $evelo into a corru t environment b" the 'a" 'e erceive beautiful 'omen% !ocial me$ia has ortra"e$ 'omen to loo) a certain 'a" in or$er to be $efine$ as beautiful% Each an$ ever" $a"( "ou 'ill see maga-ines( commercials( movie stars( an$ mo$els of 'omen 'ho are *beautiful* to the e"e% .a$io tal) sho's 'ill e+ ress to the 'orl$ ho' beautiful a certain celebrit" loo)s( 'hich encourages 'omen aroun$ the 'orl$ to loo) /ust as im eccable

Castro 2 as the" $o% ,here is a television sho' calle$ America's Next Top Model. ,"ra 0an)s is the host of this sho'( along 'ith man" other co1hosts% 2omen from all aroun$ the 'orl$ 'ill tr" out to be America's Next Top Model. 3o'ever( "ou nee$ to be a certain height( 'eight( an$ have a uni4ue loo) in or$er to even have a chance to be in the mo$el in$ustr"% A contestant in the sho' name$ 5anelle #onae 'as $irecte$ to be in a cover girl commercial% 6n that commercial( she states that in or$er to loo) li)e a *cover girl* "ou nee$ hot li stic)( big bol$ e"e lashes( ainte$ nails% ,o en$ the commercial she states( *"ou gotta have ma)e u to ma)e the most of "ou* 75anelle #onae( 2hat #a)es a Covergirl89% En$ing on that note( this 'ill ma)e 'omen focus more on nee$ing ma)e u to be more attractive% ,his commercial illustrates that if "ou $o not have these 4ualities( "ou can not be beautiful% !ociet" la"s this commercial on television( but also has the actor 5anelle #onae on billboar$s( in maga-ines( an$ much more% 2omen all over the 'orl$ 'ill see Cover :irl mo$els( #onae( an$ actresses( an$ 'ill thin) to themselves that the" are not beautiful because the" $on;t ac4uire these features( unless the" cover themselves in ma)e u % Our societ" becomes more attracte$ to television sho's an$ movie films 'hen the" involve a sensational $ramatic stor" line% <or e+am le( the movie Mean Girls is a ver" o ular movie that man" teenagers call the movie a *classic%* 6n the movie( there is a main grou of the school that are )no'n as *the o ulars* an$ the movie is base$ on an outsi$er 7=in$sa" =ohan9 tr"ing to become a art of the o ulars% *,he o ulars* are al'a"s those blon$e( rett"( nice bo$" t" e of girls% ,his grou has man" rules to follo' in or$er to be a art of the grou ( an$ the" are all base$ u on a loo) status% &ou aren;t allo'e$ to 'ear s'eats to school( the same outfit in a certain amount of $a"s( an$ much more% 6f the grou $isobe"s these rules( the conse4uences 'oul$ be that the" are )ic)e$ out of the grou % ,he rest of the school strives to be

Castro 3 /ust li)e them> for instance( the main character .egina :eorge( has t'o big holes in her shirt 'hich sho' her bra( unintentionall"% ,hat same $a"( "ou see ever"one else cutting holes in their shirts to sho' their bra( /ust so the" can be li)e .egina% ,he school )no's that the" are o ular( an$ stuc) u ( "et the" still 'ant to be /ust li)e that grou % !ocial me$ia romotes these t" es of movies an$ films that e+ ress girls have to $ress a certain 'a" in or$er to be o ular an$ rett"% ,eenagers that 'atch these movies get the same i$ea to $ress a certain 'a" an$ loo) a articular loo) to be * o ular an$ rett"*( 'hich $oes corru t the au$ience of the movie% :etting lastic surger" $one comes across the min$ of man" 'omen% Cosmetic surger" is romote$ through bill boar$s an$ maga-ines all through the 'orl$( an$ mainl" aroun$ =os Angeles% 0everl" 3ills an$ =os Angeles encourage man" 'omen across the countr" to get lastic surger"( an$ man" 'omen $o consi$erate it% Celebrities get lastic surger" $one( 'hether or not it is as small as a li re$uction or as much as a breast im lant% !ocial me$ia rambles on an$ on about ho' beautiful celebrities are( 'hich ma)es our societ" 'ant to go an$ get lastic surger" $one on them to be a$mirable as 'ell% 0e that as it ma"( if "ou $o com are the oor lastic surger" roce$ure to the 'ell lastic surger" roce$ures( one ma" consi$er not getting surger" $one if "ou 'ere to loo) at 3ei$i #ontag% 0ut once someone gets one small lastic surger" in/ection or re$uction she 'ill usuall" en$ u falling in love 'ith the i$ea of lastic surge" an$ 'ill continue to get more things $one% <or instance( the sho' The Real Housewives of Orange ount! house'ives have it all% ,he" have huge stunning houses( the" are rich( an$ of course the" have ha$ lastic surger" $one in their face% ,his is also another reason 'h" societ" vie's them as beautiful( because the" have seen lastic surgeons to fi+ their face to the 'a"( sha e( or form that the" 'ish to be% One of the house'ives :retchen .ossi /ust recentl" ha$ a small in/ection in her li s( but that 'as not the first time she has ha$ 'or) $one on her face%

Castro 4 Personall"( 6 al'a"s thought that she 'as gorgeous( but the reason ever"one else sees her as that( is because she gets lastic surger" $one to her face until she( herself thin)s she is fla'less% ,elevision sho's li)e this ma)e 'omen 'ant to loo) li)e the 'omen on the sho's $ue to the 'a" social me$ia tal)s about ho' beautiful the" are> the" 'ant to act li)e them an$ be rich li)e them% Of course( there is nothing 'rong 'ith 'anting mone" an$ having it all( but 'hen eo le start to romote cosmetic surger"( the" initiate 'omen to 'ant those roce$ure $one as 'ell to be li)e the rest of the celebrities% Plastic surger" has become further )no'n as man" more eo le aroun$ the 'orl$ $eci$e to get a roce$ure $one% Plastic surgeon =ee state$( *As man" as 10 times a month( 6 'rangle 'ith m" clients craving more surger"* 7!u)15oo9% 6n the article( *Cosmetic !urger" for 0etter =oo)s in Vogue* !u)15oo illustrates ho' man" "oung 'omen are attracte$ to'ar$ the thought of getting a lastic surger" roce$ure $one to their face% Celebrities flaunt their beaut" once their faces have heale$ after the" get lastic surger" $one( 'hich is 'here social me$ia comes in% ,he me$ia en$orses surger" in a 'a" that comes across as those celebrities com osing beaut"% 2hen societ" sees ho' e+travagant an$ a ealing these celebrities are( the" 'oul$ thin) 'h" not get lastic surger" $one themselves8 6n the article *Cosmetic !urger" for 0etter =oo)s in Vogue*( !u)15oo e+ lains( *0ecause of the gro'ing number of eo le un$ergoing cosmetic surger"( some are foole$ into believing that such o erations are neither serious nor ainful* 7!u)15oo9% One ma" sa" that a little fi+ing 'on;t $o too much harm( mean'hile if one erson is not content or ha " 'ith the outcome of their first roce$ure( the" 'ill $efinitel" go bac) for more roce$ures to fi+ their first one an$ become erfect% 3o'ever( !u)15oo 4uote$ 6m as she e+ resse$ that she soon became a$$icte$ to getting more 'or) $one% #an" eo le roclaim that 'omen shoul$ be comfortable 'ith 'hom the" are insi$e an$ out( but 'ith the 'a" social me$ia

Castro 5 a$vertises cosmetic surger"( celebrities( an$ mo$els( more 'omen 'ill be convince$ that the" nee$ to get lastic surger" $one to contain the beaut" that the" see that man" celebrities have% ,he $es erate ursuit to become fla'less has s a'ne$ into 'omen all aroun$ the 'orl$( contem lating 'hether or not the" long to un$ergo lastic surger"( in or$er to be beautiful% 6n conclusion( societ" as a 'hole romotes 'omen to get lastic surger" $one( become s)inn"( an$ 'ear a ton of ma)eu ( rather than $e icting them to be something that the" are not% !ociet" claims 'omen to be beautiful onl" 'hile the" have ma)e u on( rather than their natural beaut" itself% 2ith the min$set of $efining beaut" through ma)e u ( a s)inn" bo$"( an$ a fla'less face( 'ill in the en$ corru t 'omen 'ithin our societ"% !ociet" is frau$ulent on behalf of the 'a" social me$ia stimulates the 'a" 'omen nee$ to loo) through ma)eu ( an$ ho' societ" vie's *beaut"*%

Castro A 2or)s Cite$ "anelle Monae #$hat Ma%es a overgirl&' ommercial for overgirl% (outu)e% ?% %( 1@ A r% 2013% 2eb% 30 Oct% 2013% The Real Housewives of Orange ount!% Pro$% !cott Dunlo % 0ravo% 21 #ar% 200A% ,elevision% !u)15oo( !ohn% BCosmetic !urger" for 0etter =oo)s in Vogue%C *orea Times D=os AngelesE 10 Oct% 2011F 111A% +ro,uest% 2eb% 30 Oct% 2013% 2aters( #ar)( $ir% Mean Girls% 2004% DVD%